Friday, July 9, 2010

Living Proof

No, this is not living proof that at one point in time my house was spotless. This is living proof that I honestly can say I have the best friends ever. I couldn't ask for any better people to be in my life.

Tonight I pulled in my driveway while I was on the phone with Kim. I was like, "Hum, that's weird. I wonder who mowed my lawn. I'm pretty sure Dusty just got home from work." (Thanks Johnny!) Then Dusty was acting all weird like he really needed me to come inside to help him with something, so I hurried inside to see a spit-shined house. I knew my mom had just gotten home from camping but I asked Dusty if my mom did all this. He shook his head no. "JEN AND CORI!" I had gotten a text earlier that day from Jen saying that she and Cori were doing something fun and couldn't wait to show me. And what were they doing? Completely spoiling me to death by slaving away at my house. I kid you not, they organized and cleaned areas of my house that I haven't touched in years. And, why, might you ask? Why would anyone do this for anyone else completely out of the blue? Because they are some pretty damn good friends.

I struggle a lot with keeping up on my house and laundry. I'm gone working (or commuting) 50 hours a week. I feel horrible that my kids are in daycare for those same 50 hours. Dusty and I just don't feel like cleaning in our few hours at home each night. We do cook and sit down for dinner during the week as a family, which I know a lot of working families don't do. I take pride in that, but I don't take pride in my house. I get stressed out at work, wish I were home with my kids, stress about getting Dusty's health all figured out, try to get kids to sports and the bills paid on time. And on top of that... I've decided to train for this marathon, which takes up 3 more of my nights. And, when I'm running, I get it all out. I gripe A LOT. I tell Jen and Cori every stinkin' detail until they are blue in the face and completely bored out of their minds. But you know, they listen to every word. That is worth a million dollars. They don't have to say or do anything... just listen. But they totally took it to another level and helped me out. They know how much my dirty house wears on me. And they made my day, my night, my week. I was all teary-eyed when I realized what had gone into today. Every corner I turned I would find something new they organized or cleaned. Our battery drawer, our medicine cabinet, the top of our fridge. These are just SOME of the things they did. I am so very, very thankful for them and love them to death.

Here's the clean house I came home to:

They even hung up that long picture in the background that has been propped up against my wall for 5 AND A HALF YEARS.

And look at those freaking adorable boxes Jen made for under my coffee table!

Laundry room - complete with a new hat rack they found for me.

And even a fresh bouquet of flowers on my dining room table. Really? Does it get any better than that? SO REFRESHING!

And the best for last, a burlap pin board with running quotes pinned all over it. Made me have perma-smile all night long. Still do, love it. :)