Friday, November 30, 2012

All I Want For Christmas

This year Santa needed a little help deciding on something small to bring the boys.  So, I thought I would help a man out and brainstorm with the boys.

Me:  Bodey, what do you want Santa to bring you this year?
Bodey:  An iPad, a motorcycle - a REAL one, a car, a dirt bike, a chihuahua...

Santa is gonna struggle with this kid.

Me:  Booker, how about you?
Booker:  Nothing.
Me:  Every kid wants something, what do you want?
Booker:  Nothing.

This went on for a long time.  Then finally he opened up and described the gift he wants.

Booker:  I want a remote control airplane with flames painted on the sides of it.  With little guys that ride inside it.  And they can open the door and parachute out.
Me (hoping for an easy answer):  Oh, that sounds awesome!  Have you seen it on a commercial?  What is it called?
Booker:  Nope, but Santa's elves can make anything.
Me:  I'm sure they can.
Booker:  And Santa's got enough money.  And if he doesn't, he can borrow some from Justin Bieber.  WHAT?  He's rich!!!
Me:  How about you tell me a few more things you want from Santa.  If you don't give him some options, he might bring you a Justin Bieber shirt!
Booker (after thinking for a while):  He can bring me a Justin Bieber poster, along with a shotgun so I can shoot it!

Santa is gonna struggle with this kid.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last Bit of Baby

Well, I took the last bit of baby out of the house.  No more nursery color in Bodey's room.  It's not an exciting color, but it's neutral, so I guess it will go with anything.  And I finally knocked out the trim/crown molding in his room too.  I wish I would have never started this stupid trim project.  But I guess there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  I only have Booker's room, our room, and the master bathroom to complete.

Getting ready for Booker's arrival - February 2006
Bodey's room 2012