Wednesday, July 22, 2009

He's Braver Than Mommy!

Booker had his first dentist appointment at Jenkins & LeBlanc. He did great! You could tell he was a little nervous, but not too bad. He wouldn't let the lady use the water squirter or the straw sucky thing on him. She just had him swish instead. And... the little man had ZERO cavities!

My goal is to make sure that the boys always have a positive experience at the dentist. I don't want them to fear the dentist and be almost 30 years old and scared to death to even call for an appointment. Hopefully we can just stay away from cavities all together, but if not, then I don't want them to be scared. They have two grown chickens for parents, and someday they will have to drag us! That's why I'm working on their comfort. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Date With a Lovely Young Man

I got to go on one of the best dates ever. Yes, Booker and I went out for a movie night a couple of weeks ago. I've never been brave enough to take the kids to the movie theater (not to mention that I think it's a complete rip off), but I knew that Booker was ready. I know how glued to the TV he can be, so when I saw the preview to Ice Age 3, I was all over it. For a few weeks everytime we would see the preview, I would get him all pumped up. I told him that I'm going to take him to his 1st movie. For the longest time, he thought it was called the "My First" movie. So the night finally came and I picked Booker up from school - just him, so he thought that was special. Then we drove throught McDonald's for some nuggets and chocolate milk. We just happened to get an Ice Age toy to take along with us. As we were walking in, holding hands, Booker said, "Mommy, your my best fwend." That just melted my heart! We found 2 seats that were all my themselves with no one else around us and parked it. Booker was in awe at the huge screen and how loud it was. When the movie finally started Booker yelled, "Hey, Mommy! There it is!" So loud, but so cute. He sat on the edge of his chair for most of the movie eating his candy and drinking his pop (which he hardly EVER gets). Then for the last 1/3rd, he sat on my lap. It was so much fun. He was so mature and well-behaved. I'm going to have to make sure that I go on "dates" with both of the boys until they're too old that they won't let me anymore! That night when I was tucking Booker in to bed, he popped up and said, "Mommy, you take me to the movie before bedtime again?" Of course I will bud!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Night #7

I have no clue what to do with Bodey. The fireworks of the 4th of July have completely ruined him. He is now absolutely terrified of his bed. Sunday night he was so worked up he was shaking violently (literally convulsing) and shivering so bad he couldn't talk. So he ended up sleeping in our bed. Monday night he slept in our room in the pack n play. Tuesday he slept on his bedroom floor with Dusty. Wednesday night he slept in his crib with me on the floor. Thursday night Dusty slept on his floor. Friday night he fell asleep with me on the floor and then I tried to sleep in my bed. That only lasted until 2am, then I had to sleep on his floor. I am at a loss. I take pride in how well my children sleep. I feel like I have trained them (with the help of the Ferber method) how to love to go to sleep. And, until Sunday night, Bodey would run to his crib, we would lay him down and he was out. Cori suggested maybe setting the pack n play up in Booker's room. I think that would work, but I have to admit that even though this is extremely hard, I don't want to start any habits. I want him to get back to being comfortable in his own bed, by himself. Tonight we decided we may need to go back to Mr. Ferber and the cry it out method. Except, I fear Bodey will cry for hours before he gives in. We decided to turn some music on for him. Then we had Booker go in and tell him it was ok. I was out in the hall where Bodey couldn't see me. I have never been so proud of Booker. It made me tear up listening to him console his little brother. He walked in and said, "It's ok Bodey. You need to lay down. Just lay down and listen to your song. It's ok." Bodey stopped crying while Booker was in there. Booker asked him why he was scared. Bodey said, "I want momma." And what did Booker say? "Bodey, momma can't come in here. I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. I love you." And then he came back out. Of course Bodey immediately started screaming the second Booker left him, but I was just so proud of how much of a big brother was tonight. As I write this, Bodey is still crying. It has been 23 minutes, and I have a feeling it will be a lot longer. Wish us luck!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Man of The Wild

Tuesday night Cori and I were trying to kill some time before bedtime, so we decided to walk all 5 kids over to the high school. When we got there we told them to go run a few laps around the track to wear themselves out. While they were out running, Cori and I just stood there chatting. That was until I turned around to see Booker in the middle of lane 3, with his pants at his ankles, taking a leak. We couldn't help but laugh, but I was so embarrassed. There was a girl jogging around the track and quickly approaching Booker. I just turned my back to him, still laughing, and asked Cori if he was done yet... if he was pulling his pants up yet. She took a peek and busted up laughing. No, Traci, actually I think he's pooping now. HUH??? I turned around and sure enough, Booker was pooping in the middle of the Basehor High School track, right when the jogger was there. I had to have a little heart to heart with him... and then figure out what to do with the little rabbit turd he left in the middle of the track. Seriously? Does he think he's a caveman? What am I going to do with this child?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

All Boy Day

Last Sunday Booker & Bodey got to have their boy neighbors over. Aidan and Cooper came to play while Ava was at her dance recital. They had so much fun. Aidan and Booker played - well, I don't really know what it was - but it was some sort of Power Ranger/Action Figure game that consisted of running around yelling and screaming, jumping, playing dead, tackling each other, and shooting each other. Bodey and Cooper just carried balls around and tried to keep up with the big boys. The best part about it was that they never faught. They never even argued. It was a great day! And I was so lucky to get to hang out with 4 pure BOYS!