Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life Through the Drive-Thru

As sad as it may sound, the drive-thru has become my best friend. I wish everyone understood the logic. Like I'm going to strap two kids in the car just to drive them somewhere I have to get them back out... by myself! Nope, instead we get in the car and stay in the car. That pretty much covers our meals, but seriously, so much more could be done in the comfort of my little Honda. Why can't I drive thru somewhere to rent a movie, or buy a gallon of milk. Or how about diapers? People buying diapers obviously have kids, and surely they, too, would rather just drive up and order their Huggies. May I take your order please? Yes, I need a pack of size 4 Huggies, some toothpaste, and a gallon of milk. As simple as that. Maybe I should quit my day job and be the next owner of "21st Century Shopping From the Comfort of Your Car." Sounds clicky, you think it would be a hit?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Love Mom's New Camera

For Mother's Day we got Mom a new camera. She might not be that great at keeping up on the dishes and the laundry, but she is pretty good at staying up to date on pictures. We had to warn her that she wasn't going to be this spoiled every Mother's Day, but since this was her 1st one as a mom of two, we decided to splurge. So, here we are showing off for her new cam!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thought For the Night

Life throws you curve balls ~ How you handle them depends on whether you choose to hit and run, or catch and embrace.

Another Reason I Love Summer

Since summer clothes are smaller (pants vs. shorts, short sleeves vs. sweatshirts), I can fit a lot more in the washer!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Can't Hurt, Can It?

Booker has an obsession with going "potty." Only, he never goes. He just sits there and well, you know, plays. He keeps saying "momma, I potty" and insists on sitting on the toilet. But we get the same results every time... nothing. Not that I'm super motivated to completely potty train him right now, but I wish that if we have to go through the whole processing of stripping him so that he can sit on the toilet, I wish he would go. Anyways, I decided one night to bribe him with Bodey. I know this probably isn't the best parenting style, but hey, it usually works. If he won't eat something I tell him he better or else Bodey will. Then he chows. So I decided to try it with the potty. Results... Booker wouldn't go, Bodey didn't go, and I had to redress two kids instead of only one. :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

From Concrete to Carpet

3 years into the making, our basement is finally almost done! We got carpet last Friday and now we only have little things left. All the basement has between now and chaos is a few light fixtures, some furniture and the outlets. Then, we are letting Booker & Bodey loose!

The Cowboy State

I was lucky enough to get a chance to go visit my friends and family in Wyoming... for free! My company needed someone to take some water samples in Sheridan, and since they knew I was from Wyoming, they asked if I would like to do it. SIGN-ME-UP! When I landed in Sheridan, it was snowing... keep in mind this is almost May! My plan was to drive over the mountain to Worland that afternoon. However, my uncle had just gone over the mountain and told me not to attempt the drive. It was slick, icy, windy, and there were boulders falling on the highway. So I waited it out until morning to go over. The roads were fine and the drive was BEAUTIFUL! That is the part of Wyoming I miss the most. The mountains, the fresh air, the quietness. Once in Worland, I checked in to the Hotel a la Grandma Mary. I couldn't help but smile. She turned my bed down for me, had toothpaste and mouthwash on the bathroom counter for me, and a robe laying on my bed. How cute is that? I feel really fortunate to have gotten to go on this trip. Since my parents don't live in Wyoming anymore, I was never really sure when and if I would make it back. And as my grandparents get older, I know that every chance to see them is worth a million dollars. They have always been a huge part of my life and I miss not living close to them. My poor grandma is having a hard time. She is losing (or has lost :) ) her memory. She is struggling to recover from a major back surgery she had over a year ago, and the doctors found fluid on her brain. She has a shunt that runs from her cranium to her stomach, and needless to say, she is very sore. They are hoping that draining this fluid will help her memory, but if not, it's probably just old age knocking on the door. My grandpa is a trooper. Actually, he is probably the strongest man I have ever seen. He is calm. He listens to her. He encourages her. He has hope. He loves her. He told me that it is his job to take care of her. I told him she is so lucky to have him, and he said it goes both ways. All in all, my trip was wonderful and I am so glad I was able to make it happen. Here is a picture of my grandparents (5 yrs ago), and a few pictures of the mountain and of me collecting the water samples.