Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TMJ, IBS and Zzzzz's

Lots of letters?  Lots of problems.  But, problems that have been resolved.  It's been over a year and half since I quit my job in the corporate world.  It was miserable.  Not all jobs are miserable, but CST was.  In all ways possible.  I was completely stressed out, all the time.  Upper management was missing his head, which lead to many unfair and ridiculous situations.  My boss was worthless, but no one would admit it.  Instead, let's just give him a raise!  Dumb asses.  Long story short, the absurd amount of stress led to my jaw  getting massively inflamed all the time, to the point where I couldn't close my mouth.  I went to the doctor and the dentist and decided it was stress induced TMJ.  And I was so tense all the time that I randomly got a permanent "click" in my neck.  Still have it.  Won't go away.  My doctor put me on some kind of anxiety medication, that actually helped, but I decided not to refill it.  I was constantly at the chiropractor trying to relieve all the tension and pain in my neck and back.  Every morning, Monday through Friday, I would have diarrhea 4-6 times before noon.  Saturday and Sunday, perfectly normal.  I cried just about every day - not only at home in the evenings, but I'd actually have to step outside and call my husband bawling just to take a breather!  That's not right people!!  And, sleep?  Yeah, well, I didn't.  These things are not healthy, and certainly aged me!  Since quitting my job, my jaw is yet to swell, I don't have diarrhea, and I sleep.  Still have the weird click in my neck, but oh well!  I've been thinking about how happy and less stressed I am.  And I made the best decision, in my mind, to stay at home with my kids.  We are expecting a large snow storm here tomorrow, and last night I couldn't stop thinking how stressful it would have been if I were still working at Hell.  Obviously, schools and daycares will be closed.  Why?  Because it's not safe to be out driving on the roads.  But, don't you dare miss showing up at CST!  Find someone to watch your kids and get your butt there, even if you are putting your own life at risk.  And if you don't, be prepared to be called out.  Why?  Because the CFO with his head up his butt will send his little secretary around the building to do an attendance check.  I do not, in one little bit, miss those miserable days.  But daily I thank God for getting me out and where I am today.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bodey's World

Bodey:  "Mom, why isn't it one-dee-one?"
Me:  "Why is what not one-dee-one?"
Bodey:  "Well, it's twenty-one and thirty-one, why not one-dee-one?"

At last weekend's wrestling tournament, in front of several other parents, Bodey told me I have a big junk in the trunk.  Thanks for pointing out the obvious, you little __________!

Even better though, is I told Bodey's teachers and the older lady that owns the preschool that he told me I have a big junk in the trunk and his two teachers and I laughed.  Then the older owner lady said, "Don't let him ever look in my car!"  BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Bodey has been using the word "literally" in context.  A lot.  This kid cracks me up!