Friday, June 18, 2010

Let the Games Begin

Booker started t-ball last week for the YMCA. It consists of 3 practices and 3 games... thank goodness that is all! We have learned that Booker isn't the biggest fan of being a t-ball player. Not his favorite thing to do every Tuesday and Thursday night. However, we started it, we will finish it. He may end up wanting to do it next year. He may not. I don't really care. I just want the boys to try out as many things as possible to see what they really show interest in.

Booker isn't doing to bad though. He can hit, he can run bases, and he can throw. He can't catch, but neither can anyone else on the team. But he gets really bored of it and worn out about half way through. Tuesday will be our first game, maybe that will be more riveting for him. Only time will tell!

Our Little "Ray" of Sunshine

It all started at dinner time. Bodey would go cross-eyed every time his fork came to his mouth. This happened at dinner time for about a week and a half. Every night. We kind of ignored it, thinking it was just something new he had learned. But then the next 3 days he was randomly going cross-eyed, sometimes more often than not. That Monday his teacher noticed and was concerned. So, we took Bodey to Sabates Eye Centers where we learned that he is extremely farsighted. His prescription is +4.5 in the right eye and +6 in the left eye. What does that mean? Well, all that coloring and reading he has absolutely NO interest in could be because he can't see! So, yesterday around 4pm (yes, the exact time matters as you will see later), Bodey got his very own "real" glasses. He refers to them as his sunglasses.

Most people, when I told them Bodey was getting glasses, referred to the movie "Jerry Macquire". I did too. I couldn't help but think of the cute little round-headed boy with glasses. Ray. And that was going to be my cute little boy. Yes, at first I was completely crushed when I learned he was getting glasses. You just want your babies to be perfect, and this wasn't perfect. Then, I smacked myself across the face and came to terms with the fact that so many people are going through so many worse things with their children, and glasses are very common. This was going to be ok.

So, here is our little Ray, from Jerry Macquire, attempting his best at the popular line, "Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?"

So my friend, Cori, had this great idea to throw Bodey a "You are so cool now that you have glasses" party. She bought some little sunglasses picks to put on his cake. Here he his before his "birthday" party, with his cake.

After the two pieces of "glasses" cake and a rootbeer float.

Several of our great friends attended the celebration, including Audrey, Avery, Aidan, Ava, Cooper and Peyton. After cake we decided to let the kids play in the sprinklers. All the kids were so excited they rushed out the door and immediately started playing in the sprinkler. Not 2 minutes later Cori told me to come outside. Bodey biffed it outside - with his brand new glasses on - and broke them. Yep, we lasted 28 hours before breaking his specs. They gave him a nice little cut next to his eye. Daddy got some tools out and bent them somewhat back into shape. Enough to get us until the end of June when he spare pair comes in. P.S. I know that most moms would take the glasses off before playing in the sprinklers, but I truly didn't even have time!

It is kind of hard to see the boo-boo in this picture. Poor little man!

Overall, we had a great party for my all-grown-up little man. Oh yeah, and two hours into school this morning I got a phone call that Bodey had already lost a nose piece. We were joking before his glasses came in how many pairs we would go through. I don't think it's a joke. We are going to go through SEVERAL. It's reality. But we love reality.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Few Going On's

Just thought I'd update a little bit with some randomness in the Feezell house.

~Booker moved to the Yellow room at school, which is the Kindergarten room. We are very excited that he will be doing all Kindergarten Montessori work, but at the same time have our fears about him being bored when he goes to K in 2011.
~Bodey is now in the Green room, Booker's old classroom. I can't tell you how happy I am that he gets to be in Ms. Saundra's class. She is great and I just know Bodey will come a long way in this class. Probably too far though... as this is the class I felt like Booker really lost all baby-ness.
~Bodey is now 90% potty-trained. He has been wearing underwear except for at nap and bedtime for about 3 weeks now. He still struggles with going poop in the toilet, but I know that will come in its own sweet time.
~We sold Bodey's crib/toddler bed mattress in our garage sale, so now he has officially moved into the bed he will probably take to college... a full size. I'll post pictures once we buy his new bedding.
~Now that Booker is in class with 5 year olds all day (and sometimes school-aged kids) he is picking up on some of their lingo. Like, "What the heck?" and "Oh, dammit!" We have really been trying to remind him that is not an acceptable word and telling him alternative sayings. I hope it stops... SOON!
~AND, the biggest news... Bodey will be getting glasses tomorrow! There will be a dedicated post to follow.