Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Come Home Daddy

Absense makes the heart grow fonder. We can't wait until you are done working in Hutchison. Despite the look on Booker's face, we all miss you daddy!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tubby-Tub Time

Tonight was Bodey's first time sitting up on his own in the tub. He thought he was pretty cool, and Booker did too. They had a lot of fun playing with each other, but Booker had the most fun once Bodey got out. Booker loves to lay in the water. He'll just lay there and listen to what he sounds like under water. I can't wait to get them in the pool this summer so they can be little fishies!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bodey 7 Months, Booker 2 Years

2 Years Ago...

On March 21, 2006 I woke up to go to work and thought there was a chance that my water had started to break. I told Dusty that I was going to see what the doctor said, and to go ahead and go to work. Well, the doctor said that I better go ahead and go in. I called Dusty and told him, and he wondered why he needed to go. Because I'm going to the hospital to have our baby! Oh... he thought I was just going to the doctor's office to get checked. After 13 hours of labor and a c-section, my life was changed forever. I still remember it like it was yesterday. There is nothing better in life than the birth of your child.
Booker, thank you for coming in to our lives. You are the reason I wake up in the morning and you make my life complete. Sometimes I go into your room when you are sleeping and just watch you. I am so proud of you and so happy that you are mine. We love you!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boys in Blue

I have a "thing" about dressing my boys alike. I figure I better do it as much as I can while they are little... and before they can tell me any differently. I'm sure the time is coming (quicker than I would like) that they will no longer let me embarass them by having them match. As a matter of fact, they will probably want to dress themselves, which is a scary thought! They will go from matching each other to wearing a navy and khaki striped shirt with black pants and brown shoes. Oh well, I guess they are part Dusty!

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's hard to eat when your big brother is a comedian!

Notes From Dr. Yu

As bittersweet as it is... my kids are growing! Here are their stats:

Booker at 2 years ~
Weight: 27 pounds, 40th percentile
Height: 34.5 inches, 60th percentile
Head circumference: 19 cm, 40th percentile

Bodey at 6 months ~
Weight: 19 pounds, 11 ounces, 75th percentile
Height: 27 inches, 55th percentile
Head circumference: 17 cm, 25th percentile

If Bodey wouldn't have lost 1.5 pounds in the hospital, he would have been in the 90th+ percentile. But, he has gained 12 ounces in the last 12 days, so he's getting right back on track! Dusty and I both think they mismeasured both of their noggins... but that's what they said! So, basically, 60% of children's heads won't fit through the holes in their shirts. Humm... :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Today Booker and Bodey went on an Easter Egg Hunt. It was so busy that by the time we found a place to park and got the kids loaded in the stroller, they had already unleashed the troops. Needless to say, Booker did find a couple eggs on our walk into the park. Then he got a cookie and sat on the Easter Bunny's lap.

Time to find a parking spot = 20 minutes
Time to load kids in and out of stroller = 10 minutes
Time to find Easter eggs = 1 1/2 minutes
Seeing the kids with the Easter Bunny = Priceless

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home

You know how when you go on vacation it's always so nice to finally be home? Well, it is so much better to be home when you have been somewhere you hate. Bodey was finally released from the hospital on Tuesday and we were all so relieved to be home and try to get back to some kind of schedule. Well, since our arrival, Dusty has been sick and last night Booker was throwing up all night. I hope that's our last harrah. Bring it on summer! I just wanted to share some pictures of Bodey's little stay at Children's Mercy, mainly because I want to be able to look back someday and remind myself where all of our money went! Just kidding... Bodey was pretty cute in his little hospital gown, I just hope we never have to see it again! The video is of Bodey's daily
dream. He wouldn't eat ANYTHING in the hospital, but he was always dreaming about a good meal!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Children's Mercy, Night 3

Dusty is letting me use his work laptop, so now I feel like I have contact with the "real" world. So, I figured I would give an update on Bodey. Bodey was admitted to Children's Mercy Thursday night because he was struggling to breathe. I know this sounds bad, but at first I was hesitant to even take him to the doctor. I thought I might just be the mom that is freaking out, since we had just been to the doctor the night before. But, luckily I called my nurse neighbor, Cori, and asked for her advice. She told me that respiratory problems in babies can go downhill fast, so if it were her she would take him. Thank God I did. It was determined that Bodey has Brochiolitis, which is triggering asthma. He has been on breathing treatments regularly since Thursday night, along with a steroid to keep his airways open. He was also given an IV to keep him hydrated since he hadn't been eating. The nurse giving him his IV made me laugh. She said that Bodey has a lot of "fluff" so it might be hard to find a vein! Anyways, the doctor just came in and said that he won't be going home until (1) he is breathing without being hooked up to oxygen, (2) he is drinking enough that he can be taken off the IV, and (3) they can clear the mucus out of his lungs. It is so horrible watching them try to suction the mucus... they stick a tube through is nose, down his throat and into his lungs. Poor baby. Right now it seems we aren't going anywhere since he hasn't passed any of those yet. I am just so proud of Bodey for being such a trooper. He has been through so much in the last few days and he still tries to give out smiles. Trust me, he uses them sparingly though. He starts crying when he sees the yellow nurse (they put on yellow gowns when they come in). If they don't have that on, they're good. That's all for now, I'm going to TRY to get some sleep.