Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Heart of Gold

Hello?!?!  I do still exist! I have all these plans to catch my blog up for the last 9 months, but haven't had time to sit and do that yet. But tonight I realized I'm forgetting so much that I don't want to forget. I want to freeze my kids right where they are, but since I can't, I need to be blogging.

Bodey is a natural born giver. It's in him and it makes him who he is. A local boy has brain cancer and there have been fundraisers for him. Bodey decided he wanted to give him all of his money. His heart is better than mine. I struggle and I'm not even sure we handled it correctly or not. But here's what we decided. Bodey had quite a little savings going on that took him a while to save. We want him to know the value of money and realize it doesn't grow on trees and you have to earn it. So, we put a biblical twist on it and let him give away 10%. Right or wrong in the parenting area, it doesn't matter. That kid was beaming when he took his own money to the bank to deposit in the account set up for that little boy. And this mama had tears in her eyes watching this act of kindness.

So the boys can take quarters to school to buy candy canes for friends. I had to force Booker to participate (with his own $). Today Bodey took 9 quarters and spent them. Thursday he is taking 30 quarters (his own $) to buy every kid in his class one plus 12 teachers!  How can they be so different?!?!?

I have had to learn you can't stop a giving heart. It comes naturally to him and I don't want to change him. Life will change and mold him when he's older, but for now, I've got to let him give. And maybe even learn a little something from my 7-yr old.