Friday, January 28, 2011

Booker's Always Thinking

Dusty was getting ready to feed the boys dinner last night and said he was so hungry so he thought he'd eat Bodey's nose. Bodey said that he'd eat Booker's nose. Booker replied that he would eat Bodey's brain. Dusty said if Booker does that than Bodey would eat both of Booker's ears. And Booker's response? Uh, no he won't, he won't do anything 'cause he won't have a brain, duh. Is that anything like your everyday mealtime conversation?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Thing Our Good Influence Was Born First

Remember when Booker told me he wanted to get baptized because he loves God? Well, this morning Bodey's teacher pulled me aside to tell me what Bodey said. Usually, this isn't good news. But Ms. Saundra told me that he said in the cutest voice, "Ms. Aundra, I wanna get baptized because I love JESUS!!!" She had tears in her eyes when she told me. She loved it so much she immediately called her husband, Papa Jim, to tell him.

Bodey is definitely his own person. He normally does the opposite of what you tell him or want him to do. He is a total redneck who burps and farts all the time, no matter where we are, and dies laughing about it. But he does look up to his big brudder. Thank goodness Booker is in a stage right now where he wants to do right in all aspects of life... and Bodey is slowing following. I wish I could just bottle them up right now, keep their positive, carefree life, and protect them forever.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun in the Snow

We finally got some snow to play in this week! Crazy that it took until January 9th to get any snow. On Monday we got about 6 inches of snow. Only problem? I was at work. So I took off around 3:45 to get the boys so they could enjoy before dark. Booker doesn't care how cold or dark it is, he would stay out there forever if I'd let him.

Bodey, on the other hand, was done.

Then today, we took the boys out to Nana & Papa's land in Tonganoxie to pull them behind the 4-wheeler. Bodey just relaxed in the sled. Then he got cold and wanted to ride on the 4-wheeler with mom and dad. Booker couldn't be happier! He was pumped to ride by himself. He was absolutely CRAZY! He was standing up, turning around, riding with no hands and he performed several other "tricks."

He wiped out 2 times. Booker is normally somewhat of a wimp. But not today. He face-planted right into the snow, got up, and got back on, thinking he was all tough.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Kid's Got It

Sometimes I don't give my kids enough credit. Sometimes I think they are still too young to really understand anything. But I think they are the ones who get it, and adults are the ones who are missing it. Here was our conversation on the way home from school today:

Booker: "Mom, I really love you."
Me: "I love you too Booker."
Booker: "Well, I love God more than you though."
Me (kind of glad, kind of sad): "Oh, buddy, that's good."
Booker: "Remember that "B" thing, Mom?"
Me: "Booker, I don't really know what you are talking about."
Booker: "Mom, that "B" thing. You know, where you got in the water?"
Me: "Oh, when I got baptized?"
Booker: "Yeah, I really want to get baptized when I get older."
Me: "Booker, that's great, I'm really proud of you for making that decision."

He knows because he loves God so much, he wants to get baptized. 'Bout made me cry.

***Update*** The next morning Booker reminded me that he wanted to get baptized. I asked him why he wanted to get baptized. "Because I love God, mom."

Friday, January 7, 2011

Crazy Perfect Busy Magical

All of those words describe our December. As December usually does, it slipped away from us yet again. It's like we don't have any time between Thanksgiving and New Years, yet we cram pack so much into that month of December that falls in between. Here are a few of our highlights:

I went with the boys on their school field trip to Santa's Express. I was so thankful that I got to take this morning off work to go with them. The hat Booker is wearing is the one that each kid in his class made. They wore them to be just like Regan when she came to visit school for her birthday party.

I'm a little disappointed with my "Santa" pictures this year. This was the only time we went to see Santa, and they couldn't even sit on his lap. And I don't have one of them together and the lighting was horrible for pictures, but oh well. Mrs. Claus wasn't in the mood to stand in lines this year!

No, he didn't draw that snowman... but I wouldn't put it past our little artsy-fartsy oldest.
I learned that Bodey has a best friend/girl friend at school. Her name is Jenna and they have been at Tots N Tales together since they started. She's a freaking doll. Anyways, they were inseparable, and of course adorable!

We had some great company right before Christmas. December 21st was my Grandma Mary's 80th birthday. My grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle all flew in from Wyoming to celebrate. It was so nice to see them. We had a special dinner for her at Sullivan's where we met up with her brother Don, her sister Sis and her other brother Ray. There are seven kids in her family and six are still living. The oldest is 95 and the youngest is 77. It was so amazing to see them together and relive their lives as "Young-sters" (my grandma's maiden name is Young). My Grandma is the 2nd one from the left. Isn't she beautiful? I just adore her.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lunch on Them

While cleaning the house, we stumbled upon the boys ziplock baggies of Easter money. Tons of quarters and several dollar bills. So, the boys got all their dollar bills together and bought me lunch! We went to Chick-Fil-A and they spent $11 on our lunch. They were very excited to buy me lunch. And I thought it was a nice turn of tables for once too! Thank you boys, I really love me some Chick-Fil-A! What a treat!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

This year on Christmas Eve I cooked dinner. I've never done this before... I always make sure my dad cooks us up an awesome Christmas Eve dinner. The only problem with that is that Christmas Eve is also his birthday. So this year he got the night off and I made lasagna. Then after dinner we went to church. It was such an awesome night. They started out with a performance just like the Trans Siberian Orchestra. It was amazing. Bodey told me that he was going to go to sleep at church so Santa would come while he was sleeping. This is one reason that I was sure the boys would be up no later than 6am to see if Santa came. So, at 6am, Dusty and I were both awake... but no kids. So we went back to sleep until 7:30am... still no kids! At 7:50am Dusty went and turned their lights on. Bodey didn't budge, and Booker popped right up. He came into our room and asked why we turned his light on. We asked him what day it was. "Christmas." Well, did Santa come? "I don't know. Can I go see?" Of course! So he ran into the livingroom and came back down the hall yelling that Santa came. We told him to go get Bodey. He ran into Bodey's room and started jumping on his bed yelling, "Bodey, come on. Santa came!" Bodey still didn't budge. Then all of a sudden it clicked what Booker was saying and Bodey jumped up and said, "Today?" And they were off!

Overall, the boys got way entirely too spoiled, but it was a blast. Santa and the elves must have used their dictionary to find what Booker asked for, because he got his Colossus Dragonoid and Bodey got his Buzz Wings. I just love the age they are this year. Booker really got into the countdown to Christmas and told me how excited he was every night before he went to bed. Bodey was on the naughty list most of December, but somehow managed to only get one present taken away. And we still haven't caved... he will not be getting one of his gifts. He still keeps asking if he's good, can he have his present back? Can he have it back next Christmas? Nope. And we'll all survive. Until next year that is! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!