Saturday, June 22, 2013

Swim Team

Last year, Bodey was an excellent swimmer.  He was 4 years old, very willing to learn, relaxed in the water, and very much a natural.  He could swim freestyle with beautiful little arm motions and a nice kick.  Booker was the complete opposite.  His kick looked like he was riding a bicycle and his arms were all over the place, usually going the wrong direction.  He looked completely uncoordinated and chaotic.  I didn't care though.  I was bound and determined to force them to be strong swimmers and they were doing swim team regardless of their skills.

Fast forward to this summer.  Both boys are now on swim team.  Both are very average swimmers... nothing over the top, but they can hold their own.  However, Booker has now realized that swim team is competitive.  So, now he's trying extremely hard and his hard work is showing.  Bodey?  Well, in true Bodey fashion, he is as good as his efforts will allow him to be.  Bodey is carefree.  He's not competitive in sports.  If he feels like trying, he does very well.  If he doesn't feel like trying, the lifeguards are probably wondering if he'll make it to the wall.  I realize he's only 5 years old, and maturity will come soon enough.

The first swim meet both boys were on the free relay.  When it was Bodey's turn, he jumped in, turned right back around to the wall, and got out crying.  In his defense, the water was extremely cold.  And he says he did a belly flop.  And that pretty much set the tone for the rest of his day.  Booker gave his best effort, and came away saying, "That was a lot of fun!" which was music to my ears.

Yesterday, both of them had their best meet so far.  Booker got to swim the free relay, freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and the 100 IM.  Bodey got to swim the free relay, freestyle, and backstroke.  Booker had been working on his fly all week and wanted me to ask the coach if he could swim it in the meet.  She signed him up, but I noticed he was also signed up for the 100 IM.  I freaked out told the coach it must have been a mistake and that he can't swim that!  But then I learned that another little 7-yr old about the same skill level as Booker was signed up and excited to give it a try.  So Booker decided he wanted to try it too.  I seriously couldn't have been more proud of that kid.  He swam 25 fly, 25 back, 25 breast and 25 free... without stopping!  He took 3rd place, but we later learned they DQ'd him for his flutter kick and doggy paddle in the breaststroke.  Poor kid was crushed.  But now he can't wait for this week of practice to try to take the flutter kick out of his fly and breast kick.  He ended up 4th in fly, and he can't wait to try again! 

Bodey decided he was going to put his game face on yesterday and came away with 2nd place in backstroke!!  And he only missed 1st by 1.5 seconds!  He also took 4th in freestyle... missing 3rd by 1.5 seconds.  So, he is right there and super proud of himself!  Daddy and Nana got to take the morning off work to watch them, and I think they were good luck!