Monday, August 19, 2013


I have to start out by saying my husband is incredible.  This guy can do it all.  Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, framing, sheetrock/tape/mud, layout, tile, etc.  But, most of all, he can visualize anything and have a little map drawn out in his head of what needs to happen and when.  I'd be completely lost without him.  Ok, I'm still lost, but I know he knows exactly what needs to be next.  I'm so glad we don't have to hire someone to design and map this house out for us.  So far, we have made a great team.... we have a history of fighting when doing these kinds of projects together.  I just have to do what he tells me to and all is good.  :)   I also can't imagine how burnt out Dusty is.  He goes to work at the butt crack of dawn, works all day, then goes straight to the new house and works on it until about 9-9:30 every night.  Then he puts in 14 hour days on the weekends.  Right now we can't even imagine what it will feel like for this house to be done and to get to actually RELAX in it!
Pulling up linoleum.  We also had to pull up the wood underlay to get to the subfloor.  And then I had to go back and nail down about 10,000 little nail/staple thingys.
If you look at the picture above, behind Dusty on the pink wall is where the pantry door will be.  It's kind of scary to watch him just take a sawzall to the wall.
And whala!  There is our pantry door opening.
I scraped all the popcorn off the ceilings.
This is the old office closet looking in to the old laundry room (left) and the master bathroom (right).
It is all one room now that will all be the master bathroom.
In the picture above where Dusty cut out the pantry opening, you can see this wall before we took it out.  It was a half wall with weird wooden shelving above it.
Now it is gone.  :)  Look at Booker being such a helper!
The stairs to the basement were originally in the garage.  So Dusty moved them inside.  Again, scary to just cut a huge hole in the floor of your house.
But, it all worked out.  Can I just tell you that I can't believe Dusty designed these stairs?  A lot goes in to it.  Degrees, angles, rise, run, # of risers, etc.  And it all has to follow code.  Impressive.
We are filling the old stairway so it will be more garage space.
And, where the old stairs were can now be a storm shelter or gun safe room.
The whole house had 8' ceilings, which isn't the end of the world, but I wanted at least room to have higher ceilings.  So we raised the ceiling in the livingroom 3'.  It really made a big difference!
And my current project is tearing out the old carpet, pad, and tack board.