Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, here I am, 3 days away from my triathlon. It seemed so far away not so long ago... back when I "challenged" myself to see if it was possible for me to run a mile on the treadmill without stopping. Let me tell you, that was no easy feat. And the first time I rode my bike 12 miles around a lake - up and down, and up and down - not easy either. Then, to try to ride my bike 12 miles and then go right into running 3 miles? One of the hardest things I've done. Am I crazy? Yes. But I love it! I feel the best about myself that I have since high school. I'm also in the best shape I've been in since high school. My adrenaline gets to pumping when I think about what lies ahead of me on Saturday. I can't wait to say I did it. I can't wait to see my husband and my son at the finish line. I can't wait to see the smiles on Jen, Kristin and Cori's faces when they have accomplished it too. I have been very anxious all day today, just starting to sweat the small stuff. Like, am I going to get a chance to do one last brick today, or is the weather going to stop me? I've decided that I don't even care what the weather is, as long as I don't get struck by lightning. That's pretty much the only thing that will hold me back. Truly, I just want to finish. But lately, my competitiveness has been coming out and I want to try for a good time. I know it is physically possible for me to do this, now I just have to convince myself that I won't die and I can push myself. Now all I have to do is put my gameface on, because it's showtime!

Monday, April 27, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Anyone who participates! Sunday was the Trolley Run and Sharon, Kim, Peyton, the boys and I walked 4 miles. It was great. The weather actually turned out to be really nice and at the end the boys got to participate in the kids Trolley Run. They ran about 25 feet to a finish line where they received their blue ribbons. They had sooo much fun! Booker was excited that he won!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Saturday morning Dusty and I decided to drive out to Clinton Lake in Lawrence to a farm where we used to store our old boat and store Dusty's duck hunting boat. This old couple lets people park their boats, campers, trailers, etc. in one of their pastures for a more reasonable price than anywhere in the city. When we were tarping up the boat the old man wandered out to talk to us. He started sharing with me all the things he has built in his woodshop and asked me to come look at them. So I went and checked out a cedar chest and a little kids bed in his garage and basement. When we were getting ready to walk back he said, "Here, we'll just ride this," and he pointed to this 3-wheeled motorized thing. I asked him what it was and he said a Cushman. It was a pretty neat little deal. When we got back to the car he said he'd be willing to take the boys on a short ride. What harm could it be? So I let him take the boys for a spin. I think it just made his day.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Catching Up & Randomness

Last Friday we finally got our new puppy, Avery. It seems like in the last week she has already doubled in size. And, she is a true lab puppy and chews on EVERYTHING. Not so sure I love that part. She is doing really well with sleeping through the night and potty training. *Side Note: Notice how much she is like a baby? I think Dusty was trying to put an end to my baby fever. Not working, but that's besides the point.* Anyways, she is just a sweetheart and the boys love her. Well, Booker loves her. Bodey has found a new appreciation for Harley and is sick of Avery nipping at him all the time.

Which one is she? See, she fits right in!
Ok, so this is the first time I have blogged about my upcoming event. I have been putting it off. Why? So I wouldn't disappoint anyone if I decided at the last minute to drop out. May 2nd is the day of my first triathlon. I have been somewhat training since about February. This week I hit it pretty hard, but I still have such a long ways to go. My body is pretty much in shock. I can hear my legs yelling at me, "What are you doing to us! Why are we burning? We don't like this, we like to sit on the couch and get chubby." Well, sorry legs (and butt), but we are going to get through this. Anyways, the tri is 200 meters swimming, which I've got in the bag. It is 13 miles biking, which may be difficult at times, but I know I can do. And, 3.1 (yes, .1) miles of running. Ug. This is my weak area. Although, with the help of my dear friends that are brave enough (or stupid enough) to do this with me, I think I can survive it. I may not be riding my bike or running the entire thing, but I've come to terms with the fact that it is OK to walk. All I want to do is finish this. I never pictured myself doing anything like this, but has become quite addictive. Who knows what lies in the days beyond May 2nd. Cori, any ideas? :)
Here are my biking buddies (an extra 75 lbs!)
Booker, Reese & Bodey having a little movie night.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

So, I'm a little behind on posting Easter pictures, but I've been a busy gal. So here they are, better late than never.

The 3 Stooges ready for the Legends
Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at T-Rex. I think Reese was the only one who liked him.
But Booker liked Dexter the Dinosaur
Too cute!
Momma and her boys.

Booker's 3-yr Stats

Weight ~ 30 pounds, 35th percentile
Height ~ 38.5 inches, 78th percentile

Now you know why I call him our little string bean.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have I Mentioned I Love Tots N Tales?

Here's why. Tonight Booker came home singing this song (to the tune of Are You Sleeping):

God our father,
God our father,
Once again,
once again,
We would ask thy blessing,
We would ask thy blessing.
Amen, amen.

He even puts his hands together like he's praying. I'm all for church in schools. It made my heart melt.