Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is It Because You're 2?

Is it because you're 2 that...
You must always change your mind, even if it is away from what you really want?
You have decided you will change your own poopy diapers?
You have to do EVERYTHING by yourself?
You have stopped napping at school?
You pretend you don't know your alphabet game when we are watching, but secretly know all the answers?
You have to take a toy with you to bed every night?
The wind, lightning and thunder have started to scare you at night?
You have to have what your brother is playing with, even if you don't like that toy?
You don't understand that if you would just listen to what we say you would most likely get what you want?
You throw the best of tantrums?

You are becoming the funniest guy I have ever met?
You are learning so much every day?
You have started telling us how much you love us?
You ask for bear hugs and kisses every day?
You make sure that Bodey is happy?
You love to do the happy dance and the poopy dance?
You can make the world smile with you?

Booker, I would do these two years all over again and can't wait to see what the future years have to bring us.

Friday, December 26, 2008

And Booker Says, "Merry Memmis!"

The Feezell family had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was really fun to get Booker all pumped up, and even more fun that he "got" it this year. I can't wait until next year when Bodey does too! Christmas Eve was pretty laid back. I got up and made biscuits and gravy and then we just hung out. Then we went over to Dusty's parents house for crab legs and steak (a gift in itself!). When we got home we told Booker that this was the night that Santa was going to bring him his presents while he was sleeping. He hurried up and closed his eyes and said, "Momma, I sleeping." Lights out. When he woke up, we told him to go wake Bodey up so we could see what Santa brought us. He ran into Bodey's room and said, "Bodey, Merry Memmis!" And they were off to see what Santa brought. Long story short - TOO MUCH! But, my dear husband really put some thought into what he got me this year. I finally got my dream camera (yes, Nickie, the same one you got!). I got the Canon Digital Rebel XSi. Needless to say, all I have been doing is playing around with it. I just love, love, love it and really want to take a class to learn how to use it... because right now, it is way smarter than I am. I'll post Christmas pictures later, right now I'm going to bed!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The following picture may catch you off guard!
No, this is not a hallucination. What you are viewing is my livingroom carpet freshly shampooed, for the second time in less than a month! Now, don't get any ideas. The rest of my house is still the pits, but I wanted our livingroom to be clean before, well, before the tornado hits it Christmas morning. I know there may be some of you out there that thought that it was such a waste of a great product for Traci to get a steamvac. But, look at me go! Let's just be honest though. One of the real reasons I love to use it is because I am weird. I love to see results like the kind I see after doing this. I absolutely love to see all the gross dirt it pulls up! I know, disgusting, but hey, it keeps me going!

Christmas Cookies

For Christmas Booker and Bodey each made us a "jar of cookies." They decorated a jar full of all the ingredients to make cookies (except the eggs, vanilla & butter). I just thought it was so nice for them to have made something at school to bring us for a gift. Booker was so proud of his. So, Sunday night we decided to let the boys help make Christmas cookies. As I was turning back and forth from the bowl to the cookie sheet, I noticed that every time I would turn away, Bodey would stick his fingers in the dough and "test" it out. I pretended that I didn't see him because it just cracked me up. Then Booker caught on and they experienced the true reason that mommy loves to make cookies. Not for the finished product, it's all about the dough.

Friday, December 12, 2008

One Shot

It kind of bothers me that I only have one shot at this time period of my life. Yet, it is a time I have dreamed about since I was a little girl. It is the time of my life that is flying by way too fast. It is my time to be a mom. Internally, I am constantly worried about working my kids’ childhood away. Sometimes I think I am selfish for working and not being at home with them. After all, it’s really only about 17 more years until they are on their own. Then there are days (sadly enough) that I feel successful at my job and like I’m just beginning to learn so much and that I have so much more to learn. And, there’s always the issue of money. Dusty and I could probably be ok on just his salary. That is IF I stayed at home (literally) all day long with the kids. I could never do that! If I were a stay-at-home mom, I would be out spending money all day. Money that I’m not bringing in. Then I would feel guilty, like I’m not contributing to support my poor spending habits. Then I’m sure I would be sitting at home writing a blog about the fact that maybe I should be at work instead of at home with the kids. Just can’t win, I guess.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tapping Tapping Little Elf

Tonight was Booker and Bodey's 1st Christmas program. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I was a little emotional... just a few tears in my eyes. Their class performed together, which was nice to get them both out of the way at the same time. Booker did really good, he stood in the line and performed his little songs. Bodey, well, he just sat down. That's all he did. It was precious. Booker spotted me and yelled, "Mommy!" but he never tried to come get me. Reese's class went shortly after the boys' and Booker was so excited for her. "That's my Reesie! Go Reesie!" I am just so happy that their school does this. It just made my heart melt. Side Note #1: Sorry the pictures aren't very good. My flash wouldn't reach the stage at all, and I did some photo editing on them so you can at least see them, but they are pretty grainy. Side Note #2: Please excuse Booker's extremely chapped lips. He won't stop licking them. Side Note #3: I hope the little girl, Riley, next to Booker is his girlfriend someday. I just adore her!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Can Santa Do For You?

I've decided that Santa does not only exist around Christmastime in this house anymore. Yep, he is going to be a bribe tool around the clock. For some reason Booker just would not go to sleep tonight. Normally, it's not a problem. But, tonight he just kept crying/whining "mama, mama." There was nothing wrong with him. We found toys that he wanted to sleep with and we sang songs. But still, every time I left the room he just howled, "mama, mama." The last time I went in there (after about 20 minutes of this) he said, "Mama, I wike Santa." I told him that Santa won't bring him the toys he wants for Christmas unless he quits crying and goes to bed. "Ok, mama." The end.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bodey's 15 Month Stats

Height ~ 33 inches, 95%
Weight ~ 26 pounds, 7 ounces, 75%
Head Circumference ~ 18.5 inches, 55%

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grampa Mike & Gramma Jenean

The boys got to spend a week with their gramma and grampa from Alaska! It was so nice for them to get to enjoy each other. I'm pretty sure they wore my parents out though. I am so fortunate that they came down to visit us, I don't get to see them very often. They were soooo much help with the kids and around the house. This was only my dad's second time to see Bodey. They were great buds. I think the boys are wondering where their live-in playmates went! Hopefully we get to see them again soon!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ode to My Carpet

Oh Carpet, you have had it pretty rough the last few days. But, those days are over.

Booker is having a bit of trouble going poop on the toilet. He knows when he has to go, but he just "prefers" to go in his pants. It gets a little frustrating to say the least. So Dusty and I were trying really hard to bribe him in any way to go on the toilet. I guess we pushed him the opposite direction and he became afraid to poop and afraid to tell us. So, Saturday (while I was out completely enjoying my kid-free time) Dusty heard Booker in his room during his nap. Booker had decided to hide his poop. No, not just hide the fact that he pooped, but actually physically hide his poop. Dusty entered to find poop all over Booker's hands, the carpet, the trash can, the desk, and the dresser. He used a bottle of carpet cleaner to try to clean it up, but when I got home I could still smell it. I went out and bought another bottle of carpet cleaner, but I just wasn't fully satisfied. I knew we were going to have to rent a carpet cleaner. So mom and I headed to Walmart to rent one. Apparently, they stopped renting them "3 or 4 months ago." Like I should have known. So, mom to the rescue. She asked me if I wanted a carpet cleaner for Christmas! Well, of course I do! I honestly haven't been this excited about a Christmas present since my engagement ring. Does that mean I'm getting old?

Oh yeah, and then yesterday my dog, Harley, decided to go outside and eat poop and then come back in and barf it all up... on, you, poor carpet.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Black Friday

I did it, for the 2nd year in a row. I woke up at 3:15am to go shopping and I'm once again glad I did. I got a pair of $150 dress boots at JC Penney for $31.49, 5 kids movies for $5.98-9.00, other random toys, and a Blueray DVD player for $129 (regularly $262). And most of all, I really enjoyed watching all the REALLY crazy people out there. Some people camped out the night before, some people are absolutely the rudest people I have ever come in contact with, and some are just in it for a good deal. My neighbors have made a Black Friday'er out of me!

On another Christmas note, my mom and I put up my Christmas tree today. Well, kind of. This year we decided to go with just the tree, lights, and garland... no decorations. They are only going to cause me much unneeded stress, so we did without!

Today I took my mom and mother-in-law to the Trans Siberian Orchestra for their Christmas presents. I was unaware that I was taking two very un-TSO educated people. I think they were both expecting a nice relaxing orchestra playing Christmas music. Before it started my mom said, "I hope it's not too loud." I told her that I bet it's going to be extremely loud. Then a few minutes later she said, "Oh no. I can see a strobe light. I hate strobe lights." Hum, well, maybe we came to the wrong place because TSO is all about the lights. About halfway through it, my mother-in-law said that this was not at all what she expected. But, it was the most amazing concert ever, and they both were in awe and amazed. They absolutely loved it! I'm glad it was a hit and I would definitely go again.

And, to get us in the Christmas mood, it snowed all day today. I love the snow because if it's going to be cold, there better be some white on the ground.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Just Messin' Around

Booker, 100 years ago...
Lil Munchkin!

Very 1st School Pictures

So, I wasn't going to purchase the boys' school pictures because in the back of my mind I just pictured little mug shots that cost a fortune. Well, I was right about the second thought, but when I saw these I just had to get them. All six sheets for only $70! Oh well, they are only one and two once, right?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lesson Learned

I think Booker is really struggling that daddy is gone this week. Monday's are always the hardest because Booker has so much fun with his dad on the weekends. Anyways, like he always does, Booker got in the car after daycare and asked, "Where's daddy?" I told him that daddy's at work. "NO! Daddy home!" I told him I was sorry, but daddy isn't at home, he is at work making money so we can do things that we like to do. "I don't like daddy." Ouch. That hurt my ears to hear. I told him that is something we never say about mommy or daddy. This pitiful little voice said, "Daddy wuv me?" Yes, of course he loves you. He loves you very much. You are his best friend. "I wike daddy. And fire. And moon. And the sun. And the car. And barn." I'm sure glad he changed his mind. This is supposed to be Dusty's last week out of town. I'm not getting my hopes up. He was also supposed to be done at the end of October. Supposedly, he's only going to have to be gone a few more nights in the upcoming weeks, but no more Sunday-Friday gigs. I can't wait to have him back home so we can try to be a normal family again. He has been working nights and/or out of town for the last 14 months; the last 10 of them have been straight. It's been really hard, but I am so thankful that he has a job right now, and he has remained busy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dancing With The Stars

Booker & Reese... practicing for their wedding reception!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twilight's Youngest Fan

Last night I put my Twilight book out on the coffee table so I would remember to give it to Rachel. Next thing I know Booker is in the hallway "reading mommy's book." It was so cute. Hopefully he won't be like me and become OBSESSED with this series... I walked, talked and dreamed vampires the entire time I was reading these books. If you haven't read them, they are a must! I can't pimp this book enough, but if you start reading it, you will understand. The different ages and personalities of people that I know who have loved this book amaze me. They include several of my best friends and co-workers, my mom, my mother-in-law and her book club, my in-laws 15-year old neighbor, my 17 and 13 year old nieces, several radio personalities, and a male co-worker of mine that doesn't talk about anything but bowling (and now Twilight). If you haven't read it, go buy it at Walmart, it's the best $7 book you'll buy.

He's Got Moves...

like his mommy. I know. The following video is very, very sad. Booker started dancing around 9 months old and really had rhythm. He still loves to dance. Bodey on the other hand is a little later in developing any sort of "dancing" skills. He thinks that lifting one leg is dancing. Kind of like mom bobs her head in the middle of the dance floor. Gee, I wonder where he gets it...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why This Mom Doesn't Clean House

Melissa is hosting bunco at my house this Friday night. What that means to me? I have got to clean this house! But, here are a few reasons why I don't clean:
1) While loading the dishwasher Bodey was climbing in it and throwing all of his toys in it.
2) Booker repeatedly asked me, "Mommy, what are you doing?" in a very whiney voice.
3) While trying to put things away, Bodey simply takes them right back out.
4) After throwing things away in the trash can, I turn around to find that Bodey is EATING the leftover food that I just threw away.
5) After being at work all day, I just wasted my "2 hours a day" with my kids, ignoring them, yelling at them, and not getting to spend quality time with them.
I am beginning to like my trashed house more and more each day.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

This year was a tough one for me for Halloween costumes. I honestly can't wait until they can tell me what they want to be, I go buy it, and whalla! I'm just not very good at deciding for them. Anyways, this year I was asking around and a lady at work suggested that one be a bull and one be a bullfighter. Hum, might work.... except there are no bull costumes. I mentioned it to Dusty and he thought Booker should be a rodeo clown. I did my research online to see what all that entailed. It turned out to be fairly simple and I thought it turned out really nice. Bodey, well, he got to be a cow instead of a bull, but it worked out too. Bodey didn't make it very long trick or treating, but Booker seemed to have a nice time. First we went to Aron, Rachel and Reese's house for chili and hotdogs. Then we trick or treated the neighborhood. Lastly, we finished up our neighborhood tradition by jumping on a hayride, pulled by Aron. This year we actually went a step further and had him take us to some more houses to trick or treat. Call it what you want, lazy, weird, etc. but I think it was the best Halloween ever.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Family Restrooms

Today I found the true reason that family restrooms exist. They are for when your son poops in his underwear in public. Yep, this has happened to me twice now and I know it's nowhere near the last time. The first time was at The Cheesecake Factory. No family restroom there. What a nightmare. I had some spare underwear and some baby wipes in the car, but I thought if it was just a log in his drawers, we could dump it in the toilet, use some toilet paper and be on our way home. So, I took him into the bathroom to the stall with the baby changer in it. Once I pulled his pants down I was commited. There was no turning back to run out and get fresh undies. It was a full blowout, no log. So, I carefully pulled his pants off, only getting a little bit on his socks. Then I threw his underwear away and started wiping, and wiping, and wiping. You see, toilet paper just doesn't do the wonders that baby wipes do. I almost used an entire roll and every time I wiped, Booker said, "Owie mommy. It hurts." I just kept telling him I'm sorry, but I'm not the one who decided to poop my pants in public. Keep in mind that people are going in and out of the bathroom and it reeked in there. Quite embarrassing. Oh well.
But, today I had to change his poopy pants at Walmart. I usually hate Walmart for everything except their prices, but today I found a new love for them. Their family restroom. I didn't have to worry about anyone coming in and hearing or smelling us. It was great! And, just to make sure mommy wasn't too mad, Booker ended our episode with, "Thanks for clean my butt." That makes it all better.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Fun

Rachel and I have actually been "all out" on Halloween this year. Most years, we have really good intensions, but never really get around to doing anything. Monday night we tie-dyed the kids little pumpkin shirts and were really pleased with how they turned out.

Then tonight we decided to carve our pumpkins. At first we had planned on just making the mess outside, but it turned out a little colder than we thought it would be. So, inside we went and we dug in. The kids didn't really know what to think. Reese was pretty grossed out, Booker touched it a little bit, and Bodey just played with toys.

Then, when it was finally time to see our masterpieces all lit up, all the kids wanted to do was blow them out. So after several pictures, we finally let them. Alert to all neighbors, sorry if your pumpkins are all blown out Friday night... the kids seem to think that's what you do with all lit candles!