Monday, April 25, 2011

"A" Month Update

April 2010

August 2010

April 2011

Easter 2011

Monster Eggs

KC Wolf @ the Basehor Easter Egg Hunt

Bodey and his 2026 classmates, Cooper & Avery

And last, but not least, the Easter Bunny!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The True Meaning of Easter

Last night, Booker was going to bed, but he was scared he was going to have nightmares. I told him, he won't, just think of happy things before falling asleep. Like Easter, and candy, and Easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny. He interrupted me with, "And Jesus dying on the cross!" This kid truly gets it and it makes mommy soooo happy!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


We are so excited that the weather has started to shape up... so we can ship the kids out! We have been taking full advantage of the sunshine by being outside as much as possible. It's so nice to not be all cooped up indoors. First thing we did was pull out the bikes. This was one of the many things on the "when it gets nicer outside we can do that" list. Turns out, Bodey was way too big for last years bike. So we let him pick out a brand new one. Bodey is one tough cookie. He has wrecked it (yes, it has training wheels) multiple times. Blood, scrapes... but no tears. He calls them his "tool tricks." Translation, cool tricks. Booker will do anything for an adrenaline rush. That includes doing all sorts of tricks on his bike, as well. He gets going mock ten, and then puts his feet on the handlebars. Or takes both feet and one hand off. He's not as tough as #2 though. One wreck, world ends.
Booker started soccer a few weeks ago. Last fall when he played for the Y, he was super aggressive and really good. This year, he is more into trying to make the coolest superhero or transformer moves in the field. Never really knows where the ball is at any given time. However, at his last practice he tried really hard and his coach said if he always played like this, they'd never lose a game. Pending weather, we'll get to put it to the test Saturday & Sunday.

And the most exciting news lately... Booker had Kindergarten Round Up! This kid loves to learn and is pretty independent, so this is right up his alley. He's been asking to go to bed early at night so he can hurry up and go the next morning. I learned from my friend that I should probably put out a "bragging disclaimer", so here it is, I'm gonna brag on my baby boy. Don't like it, don't read it.

Booker's a pretty smart kid. It helps that learning is right up there with playing his DS on his list of favorite things to do. He loves to draw, color, do math, write, and all the other schooly things. At the parent meeting for Kindergarten, I was happy to know that Booker could already do almost all of the things on the recommended list of things to get in K. And, they mentioned that right now, in April, they are working on addition, and will introduce subtraction before the school year is over. Booker can add. His homework at TNT is doing addition to sums up to 20 right now. And they are working on subtraction. They also need to be able to count to 20. Booker counts well beyond 100. I don't really know how high he can go because, sadly, I usually have him stop before he's done. Here's some of his work. He did all the addition by himself, and had some help with the subtraction. There, it's over with, I'm done. :)

Mr. Bodey has been all about daddy lately. He is an outdoors boy. The first words out of his mouth when he wakes up always has something to do with outside. Can we go fishing? Can we play outside? Can I ride my bike? Can I play in the sandbox? I don't have any pictures to post, but Dusty took Bodey fishing out at Clinton in the fishing boat. Dusty said he was grinning ear to ear the entire time. And that's all he's been talking about ever since.