Monday, January 23, 2012

Leavenworth Wrestling Tournament Results

6 & Under 43B - Bodey Feezell's place is 4th and has scored 3.00 team points.Round 1 - Bodey Feezell (Tonganoxie Wrestling Club) won by forfeit over Cole Hofer (Bobcat Wrestling Club) (FF)Round 2 - Owen Sanders (STA Wrestling Club) won by pin over Bodey Feezell (Tonganoxie Wrestling Club) (Pin 0:58)Round 3 - Connor Scott (Turner) won by pin over Bodey Feezell (Tonganoxie Wrestling Club) (Pin 0:23)Round 5 - Gavin Jennings (Bobcat Wrestling Club) won by pin over Bodey Feezell (Tonganoxie Wrestling Club) (Pin 0:43)

I thought Bodey took 3rd at the meet because he got a bronze medal, but apparently that's what color they get for 4th too! Bodey is such a strong little boy, but has a long way to go maturity-wise in wrestling. Which is fine... he is only 4. We really just wanted to get him exposed this year. He is also lucky, because the way his birthday falls, he will actually get to wrestle 3 years in 6U, and his 3rd year he'll be 7. So he'll definitely have the advantage, and experience, by then. Right now, Bodey likes to be on his back. Strength-wise, Bodey's got it. It is really hard for those kids to get him down. But when they do, he just lays on his back for them so that they can have an easy pin. Isn't he just a sweetheart? But, he doesn't care that he loses every match. He is the best sport ever. And I just love that about him. On his last match on Sunday, after he got pinned and the other kid was acknowledged for his victory, I saw Bodey tell the ref something. And then the ref started busting his gut laughing. I was worried, because you just never know what that little boy might have said. Afterwards, the ref told the coach what he said. "I don't care if I lost, my dad said he's gonna give me candy at home anyway." Greeeeaaaaat!

6 & Under 46A - Booker Feezell's place is 2nd and has scored 12.00 team points.Round 1 - Noah Bailey (Leavenworth County Spartans) won by pin over Booker Feezell (Tonganoxie Wrestling Club) (Pin 1:37)Round 2 - Booker Feezell (Tonganoxie Wrestling Club) won by pin over Liam Stillions (Bonner Springs Wrestling Club) (Pin 0:12)Round 3 - Booker Feezell (Tonganoxie Wrestling Club) won by injury default over Roman Gabriel (Olathe East) (Inj.)Round 5 - Booker Feezell (Tonganoxie Wrestling Club) won by pin over Dominic Ramirez (Leavenworth County Spartans) (Pin 0:50)

Booker has really come a long way this season. After the first practice I thought for sure Booker was going to have the same attitude with wrestling that he does with other sports. In other sports Booker just doesn't really care. He's not that interested and kind of wanders off to do his own thing. And that was how the first practice went. But since then, he has come alive. It's really fun to see the competitiveness come out in your child. Booker wants it all. He's got the "Go Gold or Go Home" attitude right now. This is good and bad. I'm glad he wants it. I'm glad he has something to work for. However, he still hasn't gotten a gold medal, and he gets kind of bummed. He's a really good sport though, and knows that he needs to put in the hard work at practice to keep improving, and hopefully get that gold medal. This last tournament was by far Booker's best. The first kid he wrestled had beat him before in Olathe, and this time Booker did much better against him, even though he still got pinned. But after that, Booker pinned his other two kids! One of the pins was in 12 seconds! We have two tournaments left, and then I might enter Booker in the state competition, since 6U kids don't have to qualify. If he still has his fire, I'm gonna let him go for it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Artist in the Making!

Last week when I picked Booker up in the carpool lane, his art teacher stuck her head in the car and was very excited to tell me that a piece of Booker's artwork was going to be displayed in the Central Office. I was so stressed out that she was making me hold up the carpool lane, that I didn't realize what she said. You people have no idea how mad some of those mama bears get when you actually stop to let your child in the car, and they don't just hop in your car as you drive by. But she was really excited, said she hadn't even told Booker yet, and she would be sending a note home later. Ok. Central Office? Like the front desk at the school? Cool! But Cori told me that the Central Office was the Administration building across the street from our house. Even cooler! And, when we got the note from the art teacher, we learned that only one other kindergartener and three 2nd graders' artwork was going to be displayed. So today after school we drove over to take a look at Booker's "Two-Dimensional Room" picture.
He has pictures on the wall, a rug on the floor, a ceiling fan.... quite a bit of detail! Of course I think it's pretty great!

Booker has always had an "eye" for drawing. Since he was 3 yrs old, he's been very careful to color in the lines. He has the best imagination. I just love this side of Booker. It is definitely something he got from Dusty. This girl can write her name, and that's about it. Dusty and Booker can picture something in their mind and put it on paper. Dusty's home projects always start with him drawing all these angles, writing out dimensions, etc. It just amazes me. Booker told me yesterday that he wants to write a book. He wants to be the author and the illustrator... "That means I will write the book and draw the pictures, Mom." YES YOU WILL! Go get 'em, buddy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Boy's Terminology

From Bodey:

"Mom, I have to go poop!"

He runs into the bathroom and then I hear, "Oh, nevermind, that was just a flamer poop drop. That means you just think you have to go poop, but you don't."

Friday, January 6, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

The other night, I threw the boys in the tub. I've been letting them play in there until the water is cold, while I toodle around the house. Well, from the livingroom I heard Bodey belly laughing. I mean full out hysterical laughter. Then Booker ran out into the livingroom, buck naked, yelling that Bodey had pooped in the tub. REALLY??!! He's four. This was no accident. I was beyond mad. I had to get two freezing boys out, wash the tub, wash the toys, and then rewash the boys. Not cool.

I bought the boys a "Devotional For Boys" book that we read one story a night. While reading, I could tell Booker was really soaking it in. Asking good questions, praying, etc. Then Bodey interrupted. "Mom, is that a real life deer that daddy shot on the wall?" I told him yes. "Well, some day you guys need to take it down and get all it's jerky out of it." And that's how well the story of Jesus was sinking in for Bodey.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 2011

I've been missing for a little while. Probably because December was crazy. But fun. The boys were out of school for 13 days for Christmas. We really didn't do a whole lot, but Dusty was off too, so it was nice just to hang out as a family. Both boys started wrestling and had their first tournament on Dec. 18th. It was intense. I was so nervous, anxious, and excited that I didn't sleep for two nights before the meet. So, I'm a little competitive... And, wrestling is really exciting! So far, they both enjoy it. We have practice 2 times a week. They have good nights and no-so-good nights, but get tons of energy out nonetheless. Couldn't ask for a better activity in the winter when it's harder to get outside and play.

In Booker's first match, he lost 14-12 in overtime. His second match he got pinned, and his third match he actually got a pin!! The first time he lost, we didn't even tell him. But after watching other wrestlers, and noticing that one of them got to raise their hand at the end of the match, he quickly learned that he had lost. It was good; it made him try harder for the win. Overall, he placed 3rd in his bracket and got a bronze medal.

Booker's mean face. Looks a little crazy to me...

He finally got to raise his hand for a PIN!

Bodey's first match lasted 11 seconds. The kid knocked him down and laid on him, and Bodey just let him. It was quite humorous! His second match he had a bye, and his 3rd match he had a fire lit under him. He fought hard all 3 periods and ended up winning 12-4. Overall, he was 2nd in his bracket and got a silver medal.

Here is Bodey's mean face.

Here's an action shot - typical Bodey looking up for direction on what to do next!

And then we had a very merry Christmas. Nice, relaxing, short, and to the point. And the boys got spoiled, as usual.

Elvis' Final Days...

for this year, anyway.

He flew around on our fan

Ate Santa's cookie
Rode the cow in the Nativity set

Went sledding down our wall

Got into our marshmallows and left a note from Santa

Took over Dad's stocking

Overall, Elvis was a hit to the kids, and a little exhausting for mom. But, he'll be back next year and the boys can't wait!