Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camping 101 - The Lot

There is this boy that lives down the street. He happens to be married to one of my best friends. I need him everywhere I go, because he is the best event photographer EVER! Thank you Johnny for capturing our camping adventure!

For as long as I've known Cori, I've know that the girl doesn't camp. Not only that, but the Ingram family doesn't camp. Jen grew up camping and loves it, and Kim is a fair-weather camper. As long as it's not too hot, not too cold, and not raining, she's game. A few months back I got this hair-brained idea that we should take all the kids camping. But, it would just easily break Cori in, not being too far from all forms of civilization. The Lot. My in-laws bought 10 acres outside Tongie and it was the perfect place for us to try it out.

Step 1: Set up camp. Dusty got off work a little late so he wasn't there when I got there to set up camp. However, the Ingram's were! Cori kept an eye on the kids and while Johnny and I got the tents set up. For never setting up a tent before, he did awesome!
Step 2: Start a fire. Two small problems. It started down pouring on us so our wood was wet. And secondly, my dear husband couldn't wait another second to eat, so he took off to town to get a burger. With the lighter fluid. Luckily he was fast and we didn't have to rely on wet wood, paper and matches.

Step 3: Wine.

Step 4: Good friends. This picture cracks me up because Avery and Bodey are the same person. Stubborn, bossy, wild. This is a bad combination when you get them together. They have a love/hate relationship. Here they were apparently friends. Later that night, enemies. The next morning BFF's again. Love them!

Dusty, Sharon and Morgen hanging out by the campfire. So glad they let us use their land to camp on!

And best for last, the three girls I couldn't live without.

The kids had an absolute blast. They had free reign, and took full advantage of it. They started the evening off with kickball and riding four wheelers, and ended the night catching fire flies and playing flashlight tag.

I think the thing I love most about camping is the memories. When I asked Cori if she would go camping with us, she actually posted on Facebook, "Friends don't let friends sleep in tents." But you know what? She did it... and actually had fun!