Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

We didn't have any really big plans for Memorial Day weekend this year, but it was really nice. We ended up doing quite a bit.

Dusty and I took the boys fishing. Booker caught 3 fish and Bodey caught 2. And Booker will let everyone know that!
We not only caught fish, but also frogs. Look how little this one was! Booker got to hold it for quite a while.

For Bodey's normally VERY short attention span (about 3 minutes at the longest), he did quite well fishing and lasted about half an hour.

Saturday morning we went out to my parents' house and to Morgen and Sharon's land to ride 4-la-whoolers (as Bodey calls them). Kim and Peyton joined us and had a lot of fun.

Bodester and Nana on the 4-wheeler.

Oh, yes he did. He wore his "towboy" boots with shorts to the Tonganoxie Rodeo! What a redneck!

Two hams getting ready for the rodeo.

The Three Amigos at the T-Bones game!

We don't have very many family pictures. Thanks Kim for taking a couple!

Awesome night for some baseball!

We finished off the weekend by going swimming at Kim's house (but I forgot my camera), mowing Grandpa Mike's lawn, and having some awesome ribs and brisket at Nana and Papa's.

Big Man, Big Decision

Every time Booker sees a school bus he says, "When I get bigger, I'm gonna ride a school bus." And then he found out that when his class took their annual trip to the Topeka Zoo the means of transportation was in fact a school bus. But, I was driving the boys to the zoo since I had taken the day off. Then Dusty got this hair-brained idea that Booker might want to ride the bus to the zoo instead of ride with ME, his mother. So I asked him, "Booker," in a really pumped up voice, "would you rather ride to the zoo with me, and Kim, and Baby Peyton, and Reesie, and Rachel and Bodey? Or," super quiet and fast, "ontheschoolbus." "ON THE SCHOOL BUS!!!!!" And so he did. All by himself.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

All Aboard the Potty Train

About 6 months ago, we bought Bodey "The Potty Train" book in hopes that he might have some interest. He liked the book, but did not put two and two together. For the past month, Bodey has been going potty in the big boy potty at school... wearing pull-ups and underwear and having very few accidents. Really? My Bodey? Because up until yesterday he had NEVER gone for me at home. Not once. Not even a little dribble. June 1st, Bodey will be moving to the Green Room at school. This is the 3-4 1/2 year old classroom. They are all potty trained. I'm freaking out... school is not that worried because "he goes just fine for them." Well, last night Bodey finally went for me. And 3 more times today! Now, now, I'm not that naive to consider him potty trained, we probably still have a long road ahead of us. But at least now I know school and I are talking about the same little Bodey.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Swingset

Papa and Nana bought the boys a swingset in March. It sat in our garage just waiting to be put together for 6 weeks... mainly because of the rainy weather. But, last weekend Dusty and Morgen put it up. The boys absolutely love it, although they haven't gotten to play on it all that much... once again due to the rainy weather. Thank you Nana & Papa!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Man of Many Words

Yesterday after school, Booker was teaching me what he learned at school. Yes, I said teaching, not telling, because I learn so much from my 4-year old. He kept repeating:

"The people of Israel, they say Shalom. The people of Israel, they say Shalom. Mommy, that means hello."

Then, as he would put his hands together and bow, he would say, "Konnichi wa. That's how you say hello in Japan."

So freakin' cute! And, might I add, so freakin' smart!

However, on a sour note, there have been times lately that I can't stand Booker's voice. I know that sounds horrible, but honestly he's at this stage in his life where EVERY WORD that comes out of his mouth is in a whiny voice. He has no normal voice. He's always complaining, whining or crying. It's really getting annoying. I hope it ends soon. I hope puberty comes soon so he gets a more manly voice instead of the "squeeky little Booker" voice he has now. With that said, I know that all too soon, I will miss it. But for now it can go.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


JcPenney's was my BFF this weekend. I had a $10 off $10 coupon, my mother-in-law gave me hers, and I found one in the store. So, what did I get? $72 worth of stuff for $10! The socks were $8 each, but BOGO 50% off. So, $12 and after my $10 coupon, only $2!

When I ran in to get the socks Saturday night, I saw some little sandals that I thought would work for Bodey for $28. I was in a hurry so I decided I would go back Sunday and get them for $18, after my $10 coupon. When I went back they were on sale for $13.99. So, after my coupon, only $4! When I was wandering though the store I found another $10 coupon and went back for another pair for Booker. What a great Mother's Day weekend deal!

Friday, May 7, 2010

"A" Month Grow Chart

Last April I took a picture of our boys on the back deck. Then I did again in August and was surprised to see how much they had grown. So, I took another one this April to compare again. It is CRAZY how much they have changed. Take a look at where their heads are in comparison to the railing. :)
April 2009

August 2009

April 2010

This week was Teacher Appreciation week, so that is why the boys are holding "Thank You." We put these pictures in a flower pot for the boys' teachers this week. They truly do mean the world to us, but when life gets busy, we unfortunately forget to show our appreciation. We are so fortunate to have the wonderful staff at Tots N Tales. Not only do they put up with every mood our children have 5 days a week, but they teach them, grow with them, and most importantly, love them.

Picture Update

Since it's getting so close to the eagerly anticipated SUMMERTIME, I have not been blogging as much. But here are a few things we've been up to lately.

Riding our scooters. These were the best investment ever, since both boys can ride them (by themselves) without any frustration!

Flying kites at Grandpa Mike and Grandma Jenean's. Bodey didn't really love it too much, but Booker would have held that thing for hours if we would have let him. Sorry, the picture of Booker is 1st in line on the blog since for some reason I can't put my pictures where I want them tonight.

Easter. Better late than never.

Neighborhood fun. This night was quite entertaining. 6 kids, all 4 and under, driving battery-powered vehicles that actually go pretty fast. There was only one minor accident, that involved Booker running over a little girl on a bike and tipping the jeep upside down. Thank goodness for seatbelts and a roll cage!

Swimming lessons. This has proven to be a little stressful at times. Booker is "the kid" you don't want in your class. He thinks he can swim and he doesn't listen. Uggg... I'm running out of bribes to make him behave.

Booker's art. The first one, from left to right, is Dusty, Harley, Booker, Avery, Mommy and Bodey.

I found this on the floor one night... melted my heart!

Visit from friends. Peyton, Bodey, Thomas and Booker all got to hang out while the mommies caught up!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Precious Thoughts

Booker and Bodey have been saying things lately that I need to write down before I forget - just because I think they are cute!

Booker (when I was waking him up for school) - "Mommy, I still tired. Go get Bodey."

Booker (when I tried a shirt on him that was too big) - "Mommy, it's way too big. It goes past my weiner."

Bodey (when he asked for fruit snacks after he had an ice cream sandwich for dessert) - "Well, I'll just take the ice cream sandwich out of my stomach and have fruit snacks then."

Booker (when we went flower shopping for his school teachers) - "Mom, I'm making you a flower pot too." Wonder what I'm getting for Mother's Day. :)

Booker (following Dusty saying April showers bring May...) - "Flowers. I'm not supposed to tell what I'm getting mommy for Mother's Day." Once again, wonder what it could be!

Bodey (at 3am he pranced into the hallway smiling) - "I tough." And right back to bed he went! Why we were up at 3am and in the hallway is another story.

I know there are so many more things that have made me crack up lately, but I just can't think of them. I need to get better about writing them down immediately.