Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which Child of Mine?

People often ask me if my boys are twins. I am usually the only one who doesn't understand this question. I personally don't think they look alike. But, I guess it's because I know them best. Their personalities are SO night and day. I also see all their differences in appearance. However, this picture threw Dusty off, and I can see why!

Can you guess who this is?

Wyoming Vacation

This trip to Wyoming was bitter-sweet. It was so nice to get back and to see so much of my family. It has been a while since I have seen my sisters, my nieces & nephews, and my cousins. However, the reason we were all there was to have a memorial for my Grandpa Sherman, who passed away in February. It's sad that's the only time we all get to see each other... we need to make it more of a priority to see each other more often.

My Grandpa Sherman brings back such great memories. Every year on my birthday he would take me to lunch at Antone's for a cheeseburger. He worked out in the oil fields as a government trapper, so he would often bring us back pet horny toads. He always wore jeans, cowboy boots, a western snap shirt and a cowboy hat. I also remember him bringing me clove flavored gum. I thought it was cool, because it was from him. You could always find Grandpa at 11am at the local restaurant, eating half of his sandwich, and taking the other half home for his dogs. He never parked in a parking spot, he parked right up by the front door, and often left his truck running so his dogs could have heat or a/c. He had someone that printed jokes off the internet for him, and he always shared them, no matter who you were, or where you were. Most of them were dirty. He was a man of few words, but he was loved by everyone he came in contact with. We will all miss you dearly, Grandpa. Luckily, we scored you an awesome place to rest, in the outdoors where you can find true peace.

My dad and Uncle Tim.

Me, my oldest sister, Tina, and middle sister, Devon.

Booker and Bodey riding up to Grandpa's resting place in the back of the car with cousins, Audrey & Ethan.

I feel a sense of peace and relaxation when I reach this border.
Wyoming is honestly Heaven on Earth.

Booker flying off the wall in Thermop.

Bodey (who 5 minutes earlier had an extreme fear of the water) taking his turn!

The kids and their cousins at the cabin, aka What-the-hey.

While visiting Rapid City, we went to Reptile Gardens, did the alpine slide, rode go-carts and bumper boats, and spent time at the indoor water park. This was our favorite slide... it's like a toilet bowl!