Saturday, April 27, 2013


Today Bodey asked if he could go Nana and Papa's to get some candy. Dusty told him when we live out there he could ride his 4-wheeler over there and get candy. Then Bodey said, "Well, can we go ride 4-wheelers and test out that idea?"

Thursday, April 25, 2013

In the Swing of Things

Life has been busy!  The boys just finished up swimming lessons.  They are still going strong in soccer and baseball started last week.  This is our first year of coach/machine pitch baseball.  It will be fun to see how far they come this season.  There is a lot of room for improvement!  And, last, but not least, they are starting swim team at the end of May.  That will be interesting.  They can basically stay afloat, but I'm not sure they are swim team material.  Time will tell!  My main goal is to get them swimming very well.  We aren't aiming to win meets, but I want them to be strong swimmers so I can take a chill pill when they are around water.  And, so I can sign them up for triathlons in 2014!  :)

Speaking of triathlons, Jen and I just registered for the Kansas 70.3 Half Ironman in June.  As of this moment in time, I'm very excited!  This will definitely push me physically more than anything I've ever done.  It will be 7-8 hours of non-stop activity.  I've been training, but I don't know that I'll ever feel ready.  Especially on the bike.  That stuff is hardcore.  And I've got some work to do.  But my ultimate goal is to finish, and I know I'll make that happen!

The school year is winding down and we are ready for summer vacation!  I can't believe next year I'll have a kindergartener and a 2nd grader.  Doesn't seem possible!

We are still hunting for the "perfect" house.  Does that even exist?  Thank God for my parents.  They are going to let us live at their old house (that is still on the market) until we find something.  Truly a saving grace at this point in time!

We (mostly Bodey) have had a rough week.  Our lizard, Scooby, died Saturday.  We really liked that little guy.  Well, actually he was a girl.  Bodey was extremely upset.  His teacher said he was crying about it and just not himself.  Breaks my heart!  Poor little man.

Well, I better get back to watching The Three Stooges with my boys and their sleepover friend, Cooper.  It's 10:15 and they are still hanging in there, but all appear to be a tad sleepy.  Here's to hoping!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Good thing I decided to take time to read Cori's blog, or it could have been 2014 before my next post.  But she reminded me of a milestone in Bodey's life that his slacker mom has not properly documented.  Bodey went to Kindergarten Roundup a couple of weeks ago!  Overall, it was a success and he is very excited to go to a "real" school this fall.  May 3rd, he will be graduating from preschool, while Booker finishes up college.  Or so it seems.  It is all going way too fast for this mom.

We have been super busy with swimming lessons, soccer, and now baseball has been added to the mix.  But the most time consuming event lately is that we sold our house!

Last fall, Dusty and I decided that we'd like to find a house on a little bit of land.  That way my boys can go outside and be cray-cray all day long if they want.  We currently live in a subdivision.  I can honestly say it has been the best place for us to have lived for the past 8 years.  God hand-picked our house for us.  It was Dusty and my first house.  It was the house that we brought our first baby home to, followed by baby #2!  It is where our kids 1st Day of Daycare, 1st Day of Preschool, 1st Day of Kindergarten & 1st Grade pictures have been taken.  There are so many memories that have been made here!  But equally as important, without living in this very house, I probably wouldn't have met my best friends.  If we wouldn't have moved to Basehor, I probably wouldn't have taken a job in KCK.  But it was the shortest commute, so I did.  And I met Kim and Melissa!  And right down the street from this house lives someone so very close to my heart.  She is the ONLY reason I am dreading this move.  I've been lucky enough to live just houses away from my best friend, Cori.  That's a pretty special thing.  Our kids have grown extremely close.  Well, probably to the point where they think they are siblings instead of friends.  I truly do consider them family.  However, I have to remind myself that just because we don't live houses away from each other, doesn't mean we aren't best friends and won't see each other anymore.  To prove this, in comes Jen.  If I hadn't have moved into my neighborhood and met Cori, I would have never met my other best friend, Jen.  Now, Jen doesn't live in the same 'hood as me, but we are still extremely close.  I still see her on an (almost) daily basis and love her to death.  Wow, long story short and as un-sappy as I can be, my life is better because of this house.

I've been praying about his move since December.  Is it right for us?  Is it the right time?  Dusty and I aren't really "subdivision" type people.  But maybe our kids are?  Will God give us the red light if we are making a mistake?  Will He give us green if we are in line with His plan?

A couple of weeks ago, we were finally ready to put the house on the market.  I warned my neighbor of our plans, just so she wouldn't find out by seeing a sign in our yard.  That was on a Thursday.  That Saturday, one of her friends came to our house twice, and bought it.  4 days before we listed it.  We never thought it would be that easy, and expected to go through the agony of keeping the house "show" ready month after month.  We also thought we would have time to find something we like to move into.  No such luck yet.  But, it is a good problem to have, because our biggest hurdle of selling the house is behind us.  For the short-term, we are going to move to my parents old house and keep searching.  It's been stressful, but exciting at the same time.  We are excited to see what doors are opened for us in our future!  God knew why we moved into this house, I wonder what he has in store for us next!