Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've Been Dunked!

Some of you may know, some of you may not know, that I was baptized on September 5th at Westside's service at Shawnee Mission Park. There are many reasons that there are a list of you in the "some may not know" category. I have never been very forward and open with my faith. I have kept pretty quiet about it because I feel like it is a very personal thing. I also hate being judged because I always think waaaaay too much about what other people think of me. However, I had to put all of that aside and realize that it's not between me and all these other people/excuses in my life. It's between me and God, and together we came up with my next step in my faith of being baptized. Yes, yes, I was baptized as a toddler. But, I have since learned, realized and come to believe that baptism was more of a dedication; my parents' pledge to raise me with God. I thank them very much for that and think they did an amazing job following through with their word. But now it's about me and my decisions. And as an adult I have made the decision to be baptized. I'm now old enough to know and appreciate all that it encompasses. It doesn't trump my earlier baptism, it is just the icing on the cake. That day meant the world to me. There was so much thought, dedication and reflection going on within me. It was a pretty amazing day that will forever mark me.

Pastor Dan Chaverin getting me all pumped up!

I wish this man knew how much he has impacted my life. I was so nervous to go to church - any church. I just felt stupid, like I hadn't been in so long, didn't know anything about the Bible, I wasn't a "good" person, etc. Cori extended an invitation for me to try out Westside, which had been on my radar since it was so young and relaxed. I am forever thankful that I did. And I am forever thankful that this man, Pastor Dan Southerland, was the teaching pastor at my first attendance at Westside. His voice, his character, his "human-ness" all made me want to come back. I felt so welcome and so good. I just wanted to come back and hear more and learn more. So, I have, and I just feel like I owe it to this man.
And I can't leave out the atmosphere of Westside. They flat out get with it and ROCK. I've never felt comfortable singing at a church, but can't help it here. Sorry everyone that sits next to me! :)
I was hoping that during my baptism, the band would play "The Baptism Song." Band members at Westside wrote it and it is such a beautiful and powerful song. I couldn't stop smiling when I saw it on the service program for that day! They played it through the ENTIRE hour and half that they baptized people. Amazing.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nasty Things

I hate ticks. Always have, always will. However, I've had to deal with them a bit more lately since they tend to love Booker's blood. In 4 1/2 years, Booker has had roughly 15 ticks. That's a lot... they love him. Last Wednesday night I pulled EIGHT ticks out of the poor kid. I'm still baffled on where he got them and how I hadn't seen them before. They were full of blood. I checked to make sure I got each of their tiny heads out, and did. Then two days ago (about 6 days after I pulled them) he started to get a circular rash around two of the bites. Dr. Google suggested Lyme Disease. Luckily, we have the all wonderful Dr. Yu for a pediatrician, and his wife happens to be one of the directors of Infectious Disease at Children's Mercy. He said it's not Lyme Disease, Kansas ticks don't carry it. I would have called boo-shay on him simply because I just find that really hard to believe, but who would know better? He said there are several Lyme-like diseases in KS and other diseases from ticks, but he really doubted that Booker had any of them because of the fact that he was still "Booker." No fever, no pain, no signs of illness at all, and apparently he would have been noticeably ill if he had something. So, the diagnosis? He believes that Booker had a reaction to the saliva the wonderful ticks leave in our bodies. YUCK! Either way, we left with an antibiotic, which is mommy's piece of mind, so hopefully all is good.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Big 3!

Last weekend Bodey and I went to take his 3-year pictures in Parkville. I just love that town. It has so much character. Bodey is rarely without Booker, and quite a different person when they are separate. He acted so old, so mature, so quiet. It was an awesome day. Here are a few of my favorites... out of the 230 I took!