Monday, December 19, 2011

Booker's Prayer Tonight

Dear Lord, Christmas is coming soon. I know it's not all about Santa, or the presents. It's about giving, sharing, and Your birthday. And if you're bad, you get on the naughty list and don't get any presents. But that's ok, there's always next year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All Shook Up

Elvis has our home "all shook up." The boys love to wake up, and even argue about who gets to wake up first, to discover what Elvis has been up to after his nightly trip to the North Pole. Here's what he's been up to the past few nights.

A closer look... (excuse the bad photography)

He tp'd our tree!

And made himself right at home.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Elvis The Elf

I don't know how this happened so fast. I've seen Elf on a Shelf around for a few years now, and always thought it might be something I should get for the kids. And then I always back off when I remember it costs $30. But yesterday Cori said she got one for her kids, and that stores around the city were starting to run out of them. And even then, I still wasn't going to spend the money. But as the day went on, and as I keep seeing Facebook & Pinterest posts on all these cute little ideas for the elves, and how excited all of these little kids are... I caved. Hey, my kids should be this excited too!

So today, Booker and Bodey got a package from Santa. Elf on a Shelf, along with a little storybook that explains who he is and why he's here. The boys really enjoyed the story, taking in every little word about it. But, one of the tasks in the book is to name the elf. So we did. We named our little friend Elvis. Well, 3 out of 4 of us named him Elvis. We had to vote, because there will never be a day that B&B can agree on a name. Sadly, Booker lost, and our elf is not Tim. And he is still not happy about it.

Luckily, tonight on TV was also a cartoon about Elf on a Shelf. The kids got to stay up past their bedtime to watch it, and I'm so glad they did. It kind of helped reinforce Santa's rules about Elvis. He cannot be touched, or he will lose his magic. He can't talk to you, but you can talk to him. And he flies home every night to report to Santa. It was great. So when it was time to go to bed tonight, Bodey was telling Elvis goodnight and waving at him. Then he decided that he should send the Elvis puppet he made tonight with him for Santa. After the boys had been in bed for about 15 minutes, Dusty and I ran in there to tell them that while we were downstairs, Elvis already flew back to the North Pole! They ran out to find him missing. Bodey was so excited he didn't forget to take the Elvis puppet with him!

The Elvis puppet
Another reason I was hesitant to invest in this elf was because I have to be creative. And I'm not. Good thing zillions of people on the internet are, and I can just copy their ideas of how/where Elvis will be when we wake up the next morning. Elvis is a tad of a mischievous elf, and when the boys wake up they have to find him, and see what he's been up to. Tomorrow the boys will find that Elvis made a snow angel on our kitchen table.

And to hopefully help Booker enjoy the name we picked out, Elvis also left the boys this note.

This is only the first night of having our little elf, but it is truly worth the $30. I love to see my kids eyes light up. I love that Bodey will randomly just tell me how much he loves Elvis. And I love that we now have a little Christmas tradition.