Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Perry Cabin Trip

This year's Perry trip included cabins. They were the cutest little things, too! Very clean, very cute, and very affordable! And, the best part, our cabin and the Jeffries' cabin were right next to each other. AND, they were the only two buildings within several hundred feet. Private and secluded.

There are our little cabins all nestled back up in the trees. At night, we'd sit outside with a campfire and hear noises. When we'd turn on a flashlight, we'd bust a crew of raccoons raiding our camp! They were pretty cute, but got a little too close for comfort a few times. I guess that could be because we were feeding them cheese puffs.

Going out for a night ride after setting the trot line. We caught 2 catfish, a gar and a soft shelled turtle.


My big man now has to have product in his hair. And he came home from kindergarten with cologne on his shirt. And he thought he was pretty darn cool.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Bug's Life

Doesn't every family have a dead bug collection on their counter?  We do, we do!  Booker keeps all dead bugs he finds.  We are going to need storage of some type... soon!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome Home Booker!

Tonight Booker moved out. For the last three nights in a row, he has insisted that he is moving in with the neighbors. He and his neighbor friend, Ava, have gotten very close lately. They have a lot in common. They both have the hugest hearts, and a love for creatures. Lizards, snakes and bugs are they type of things that excite these two. The last two nights I have stood my ground and told him he's not moving in with them. He just grounds his little feet in their carpet and tells me he's not going home with me. It's not that he's mad at me, or doesn't love me, he's just ready to move out. And he's so serious when he informs us of this news.

Fast forward to tonight, when Dusty hears that he wants to move in with the neighbors.

Daddy: Ok, Booker, get your pillow. You can move over there (obviously thinking we would win with reverse psychology).

So Booker grabbed his pillow and headed down the sidewalk to the neighbors house. As we were watching him, he turned back a few times, but just kept on going. Then I saw Cori answer the door and start laughing. Here's what he said upon his arrival at his new home (all in a very serious, all business tone):

Booker (as Cori opened the door): Finally, I get to move in with you.

Cori: Does your mom know you are down here?

Booker: My dad said I could move in with you.

Ava: Booker, are you spending the night!!??

Booker: No, I'm moving in with you guys.

So I get on the phone with him and tell him that he can spend the night sometime, but not tonight, it's a school night.

Booker: They can take me to school, mom.

Me: But your little brother is so sad, and his misses you!

Bodey, in the background: No, mom, I said I wanted to move with him!

Booker: Mom, I heard that.

Finally I convinced him to come home and that sometime on the weekend he can spend the night over at Ava's house. He agreed and started his slow walk back down the sidewalk.

Bodey couldn't wait for his big brother to move back in.

When he got back home he came downstairs and told me, "Mom, I've been thinking. I'll stay here with you guys and just spend the night at their house on the weekends." But we did agree he wasn't going to tell mommy he was moving out any more.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Big F-O-U-R and Language Lane

Bodey, you are the biggest 4-year old I know. You really have grown up a lot in the last year. I love that you are a leader. You have such a great personality and don't care what anyone thinks about you. Which can also be a bit challenging, but I still see it as a strength. You are our little redneck. I don't know how someone is born with "redneck" in them, but you were. You love everything boy - dirt, trucks, trailers, bull riding, demolition derby's, race cars, cowboy boots & cowboy hats. You are very excited to be 4 years old and starting your new preschool, but more on that in a second. Here are some shots from your birthday party:

This turning 4 stuff is very serious.

Now on to Language Lane! Bodey started his new preschool on Tuesday and LOVES it! At Language Lane, the parents are not allowed to walk their precious little babies into the school. Instead, you pull up in the carpool lane and a teacher comes to the door, helps them out, and walks them in. I was a little worried that Bodey would get nervous all of a sudden and not want to get out of the car. But quite the opposite! That big ol' preschooler just jumped out of the car and was running inside. When the teacher told him to wave bye to mommy, he could barely do it fast enough. Thank goodness, because I would have really struggled if he would have struggled. When I ask him how school was, he corrects me. It's not school, it's Language Lane!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Booker's a Kindergartener Now!

Booker is a proud and excited kindergartener! I'm glad he was strong, or I really would have been a mess. Since he was acting all big, no fear in his eyes whatsoever, mom made it with only welled up tears in her eyes. Phew! He marched right in the school, put his backpack and lunch on his hooks, headed to his desk and started coloring. He cheerfully greeted his new friends and was on his way. Didn't even care that we left. I can't wait to grab him at 3:55 this afternoon to hear all about it! Even though he probably won't have much to say... :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Easy Enough

Tonight Bodey said, "Mom, you know why I like you?" I thought, this could be good because you never know what is going to come out that boys mouth next. "Because you're the sweetest mommy ever!"

Sunday, August 7, 2011


  • My little Bodey marches to the beat of his own drum, and I love that about him. I know I've mentioned several times that if you say black, he says white, but man oh man is it true. He likes to do things that he knows will push peoples buttons. Over and over again; especially to his brother.

  • Bodey is the gassiest person I have ever met. And I've been with Dusty for 11 years. He farts, and busts up laughing. He loves to fart on people's laps. Just when you are thinking, oh, how cute, Bodey is actually calm and sitting with me. RRRRRIIIIPPPPP! Bahahahaha!! Funniest thing in his world. Not so funny to me, especially on Thursday when he announced he had a "wet fart." Yuck.

  • Bodey has been starting most of his sentences with "anyways" or "except". Very randomly too. He uses "except" instead of "since." So it goes something like this, "Well, except you took my toy from me, I'm gonna take your toy from you."

  • His random statement in the car yesterday when we were driving out to the lake was, "Mom, I know all about God and I know all about bull riding."

  • Bodey has had his glasses for just over a year now. We go to the eye dr. on Tuesday to have them rechecked. I think he's come a long way. Not as much crossing when he's not wearing them, and seems to track better. However, it would be fun to see how many replacement pairs we have had to order. My guess is right around the 20-25 pairs range. Thank goodness for warranty and a mother-in-law that works at the eye dr.