Saturday, December 19, 2009


How could I forget about this? Sara and I decided to get on Facebook for a little bit since the boys were playing so well together. We were just checking out people from high school and talking about what people are up to these days. It was so great that the boys were being so good and entertaining themselves. Or so we thought! I walked out into the hallway to see Booker standing with his pants at his ankles. I asked him what he was doing and he said he just had to go poop. We walked into the bathroom to find poop EVERYWHERE. In the toilet, on the toilet, on the rug, on his hands. All at the same time, we found that Bodey and Ethan had been playing in toilet water (pre-Booker's poop) and undecorating the Christmas tree. The tree cracked me up. It was completely naked 2/3rds of the way up. And this is what we found in Ethan's bedroom:

All within the matter of 15 minutes! But, how could we get mad? It just reminded us of something we would have done together when we were little.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekend in Omaha

Last weekend, the boys and I drove up to Omaha to see one of my dearest friends, Sara. Sara and I have been friends since 1st grade. She has always been the one person that I can laugh so hard I pee my pants when I'm around her (literally). It's kind of crazy that she ended up in Omaha, only 3 short hours away from me, when we are both from Wyoming. However, she just found out she is moving to Idaho, and I just knew I had to get up to see her one last time... since it could be YEARS before we see each other again. When we arrived she made us some sandwiches and then we made the mutual agreement to let the boys skip their naps and play in the snow. Omaha got dumped on that week and had over a foot of snow for us to play in.

Bodey didn't like it so much since it was so deep he couldn't move.

There is a story behind this picture. Dusty makes fun of my snowboots. They are from middle school and purple in color. But, they are a really good pair of Sorel boots and I only wear them a couple of times a year, so I refuse to buy new ones, despite their appearance. When I pulled them out of my bag, Sara kind of chuckled and asked if those were my boots from middle school. I proudly said yes... and then she pulled out hers. Bright pink Sorel snowboots from middle school. So, we had to get a picture that would show them off. Getting the perfect picture was one of those "pee in the pants" kind of moments... although neither of us did! The thing I love about this picture is Bodey just standing in place (because he never moved), Ethan trying to climb to his mommy, who kept trying to "place" him out of the way, and Booker, whose head you can't see because he liked to bury it in the snow.

Once Bodey finally figured out that you can eat the snow (fancy that), he was good to go.

Booker was a total and complete snow maniac. I was pretty suprised since he seems to be the complainer of the family. He LOVED the snow and could have played in it for hours if I would have let him.

Here are the boys enjoying a nice little snow snack.

After playing in the snow, we made pizza. And I mean we MADE pizza... like homemade dough and everything. :) The boys were a great help, as you can see!

Time to clean up and go to bed.

Thank you, Sara, for letting us come visit on such short notice and in the middle of you trying to pack up your house. As usual, we have created some awesome memories.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Every day Dusty and I get to watch, enjoy and laugh at Bodey being Booker's clone. Everything Booker does, Bodey does. Everything Booker says, Bodey says. Booker acts like a super hero, Bodey acts like a super hero. Booker runs in circles, Bodey runs in circles. It's so cute. And thankfully, right now, Booker isn't at the age where he complains that "Bodey's copying me!" Oh, I remember my poor sister having that complaint! :) It is just such an awesome feeling to know that without a doubt Booker is Bodey's best friend and mentor. He adores his big brother.

We also call Bodey "repeat." I say, "Bodey, let's go brush your hair and teeth." Bodey, "Hair and teeth?" "Bodey, we need to get your coat on." "Coat on?" "Bodey, it's time to take your medicine." "Take my medicine?" He always repeats the main points of every sentence. Love it!