Monday, September 29, 2008

The Biter

So, as many of you know, we have been having some issues at daycare with Bodey being bitten. He got bit 8 times in his first 14 days at daycare. So I finally talked to the director about it and she said they will keep working with the parents and keep "the biters" and "the non-biters" separate as much as they can to minimize incidents. So far, so good. EXCEPT, that today I received a Bite Report. But, it was Booker, and he was the biter! This is sad, sad news. To tell you the truth, I have never seen Booker bite anyone before. But now, when we are trying to plead our case against biters... Booker decides to start. Needless to say, Booker got lectured when he got home and he lost his TV privledges tonight.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bodey's 1-yr Pictures

I think Portrait Innovations is right up there with Home Depot on how much we support them... invest in them... spend lots of money there! But, they are only one once, so here you go!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Truth Hurts

I've heard people say that little kids are innocent and they usually speak the truth. Well, I wish that wasn't true. Tonight I told Booker that my friend Kristen has a baby in her belly. What does he say? "She have baby belly? You have baby in your butt?" Humm, ouch!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Love Game

So, this is what I like to call "The Love Game." Booker and daddy play it every night. It starts out like this:

Daddy: Guess what?

Booker: What?

D: I love you

B: I wuv you too

D: No, I love you more

B: No, I wuv you mo'

Repeat about 100 times.

And they both win!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm So Glad He's Mine!


#1 Favorite Thing This Week - Daddy. This week has gone by way too fast. Dusty has been home and it has been so nice just to have an extra hand. The boys are so glad he's been here when we get home and he's been running some of my errands to help out too! It has been wonderful to actually get to spend a little time as a family for once. We are hoping and praying that Dusty will be done with his McDonalds contract somewhere around the end of October so we can get back into the swing of things.

#2 Favorite Thing This Week - The Biggest Loser. If you haven't seen this show, you need to. It is absolutely, hands down, the best show on TV right now. I am so inspired by this show and the people. Last season a woman that started out like 280 lbs ended up being only 122 lbs and one of the buffest people I have ever seen. These are people who have just accepted the fact that they are overweight and will most likely never change. I cried with them as they did their first workout and lost their first week's worth of weight. The weight loss this week ranged from 9 lbs to 28 lbs. In One Week! They all realized that they, too, can do it and all of their torturous workouts were truly paying off. I think I cried every single episode last season. They completely change their lifestyles and lose weight in a very healthy way... exercise and eating healthy. Please, please, please check it out. You'll be hooked.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Two Cents

Ok, I have been holding back on posting anything about politics, mainly just because I despise political arguments. However, for what it's worth, I just wish the candidates would focus more on what they have to offer, not what the opponent doesn't. Anyone can bash their competition, but to me it is just a ruthless weakness. That's all I have to say about politics.

Did You Know...

that when you drive up to the drive-thru at the bank in a minivan you automatically get asked if you need any suckers? I have always wondered what the trick was to get them to notice you!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Think You Slept Through A Tornado Warning

I has been raining for almost the past two weeks straight. I am so very sick of it. When I went to get the kids from daycare today Booker's teacher told me that she heard the tornado sirens were going off in Johnson County. Hum, whatever. It was just raining; no lightning, no thunder, no wind... just rain. Nothing severe. So I left to go get the kids in the car and Miss Amy was at the door offering to watch Booker while I strapped Bodey in so we didn't all get so wet. As I was strapping Bodey into his carseat the tornado sirens started going off. Let me just tell you that I guess I never realized how loud they are because I personally cannot hear Basehor's if I'm inside my house. HOWEVER, this one happened to be directly above my head! Not even kidding. So, after I figured out what had just made me crap myself, I got Bodey back out of the car and down to Tots N Tales basement. It was so cute to see all the kids using their tornado drill skills. They were all underneath tables. Well, except for stubborn Booker, but he probably hasn't gotten to do a tornado drill yet, right? Finally, we decided to go home. There were rumors that a tornado touched down in Bonner Springs, but I never did hear if that was true or not. Anyway, when I got home I found Dusty sleeping in his recliner. He said he knew the sirens were going off but he just couldn't keep his eyes open. No worries there. I wish I could be that calm. Not that I freak out, but I just have a different perspective on storms now that I have kids. My overwhelming protector skills kick in on full blast.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Way Past a 2-yr Old's Bedtime

Just when I thought my night couldn't get any worse... it got a little better. My evening started out like this. I picked the boys up from daycare and needed to run to Target for Pull-Ups and then to Payless and Penney's to look for some shoes. How nice is it that all three stores are hooked together? Should be in and out, no problem. However, as soon as we got to our first store, Target, Booker immediately threw a fit because we didn't get the "big" cart. There weren't any inside and I wasn't about to go outside and grab one that had been sitting in the rain. So he screamed, and screamed, and screamed. Finally, I set him in "time out" in the shoe isle and he somewhat straightened up. We bought a soft pretzel for the boys on the way out and were on our way to store #2, Payless. Luckily (or unluckily) they didn't have anything I liked so we were in and out - to Penney's. While in Penney's the boys were ok, but a little whiney. A soft pretzel can only last so long. We didn't find anything there so we left and ran through Arby's. The boys seemed like they were in a good enough mood to test my luck. I really need shoes for them because crocs don't cut it in the rain. So, store #4, Payless in Lansing. We got there, found some shoes, no fits. UNTIL, the nice man at the register gave Booker a Spiderman sticker. You would think that would be great, right? Not in Booker's world. "I don't want a sticker!" So I took it and tried to leave. "No, I want the sticker!" So I tried to give it back to him and head out the door. "No, I don't want the sticker!" Full out fit now. So I took it again and headed to the car. While strapping him in he asked for the stupid sticker again. At this point, I was willing to give in if it meant he would shut up. He threw the sticker and I drove off. The entire 3 hour drive back to Basehor (ok, so maybe it was only 15 minutes) he yelled at the top of his lungs, "Mama" breath "Mama" breath "Mama" breath. You get the picture. There was nothing I could do to tune him out. NOTHING! So, straight to bed for Booker. Ha. Ha. He proceeded to get out of bed about 6 different times. The last time he got a spanking. But that couldn't possibly do the trick. He had to test me one more time. Out again. Once he saw me he ran to his bed crying. I lectured him that if he got out again he would get another spanking and it would really hurt this time. He just stared at me. I asked him if he understood. He just stared at me. I said, ok, well, good night. As I was leaving the room I heard in the quietest little voice, "Mama? Will you go night-night with me?" Fine. I layed down with him and he said, "Sorry, Mama" and rubbed my arm. I told him it was time for mama to go to bed in her own bed and he said ok. It was absolutely precious. But you know what really makes me mad? I can hear little footsteps OUT OF BED as I write this...

The Thinker

So, tonight Booker and I were reading a book about animals. There was a page full of all sorts of different animals. When I told him to find one that he didn't see right away, he would take his index finger and scratch his cheek and say, "hmmmm." It was the cutest thing ever! We got a thinker on our hands...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My method of eating macaroni and cheese - using my fork and only my fork.

Booker's method of eating macaroni and cheese - placing each piece on his fork.

Bodey's method of eating macaroni and cheese - shoving it into his mouth with one hand while holding the fork with the other hand.

Whose method is right? Booker's. He kept saying, "No, Bodey, watch me!" It was very cute to see him try to teach his little brother something.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The True Definition of "Frugal"...

my dear friend Sara. Sara, I know you are going to read this, so I wanted to start out by saying that the reason I am posting this is out of true admiration. You amaze me in many ways, this just being one of them. I look up to you and admire your faith and devotion to being the best you can be for you, your husband, and your children.

This past weekend we were honored to have the company of my childhood friend, Sara, and her little boy, Ethan. The more I talked to Sara the greater my respect grew for her. She is a stay-at-home mom who doesn't take her job lightly. Her job is to provide the best that she can for her family in order to live a healthly life. In order to do that, she has to cut costs wherever possible. And here is her story:

Sara uses cloth diapers. She has invested $200 in cloth diapers that will last her for 3-5 kids (which she plans on having 5). That's it. One size fits all! I did a few calculations and found that I will spend around $7000 in diapers for my 2 kids. YIKES!
Sara also doesn't buy baby wipes. She uses baby washclothes in a tupperware with a sanitizing gel. She says it's actually easier to use them since she uses cloth diapers because she just throws them all together in a bag for the wash.
Sara makes her own bread and her own "hamburger." She buys raw wheat in 25 pound bags for $4. With that she makes her own bread and her own gluten. She seasons the gluten and uses it as hamburger. Soon to come - homemade wheat crackers. Not only is it a lot cheaper, but also very healthy.
Sara and her husband don't have cell phones and they only pay $20/year for their home phone. They use Magic Jack for phone service. Dusty and I are looking in to this and are most likely going to switch. Free long distance and caller ID for only $20/year. Seriously, why not?
Sara rides her bike every where because she refuses to pay for gas. Ethan rides along in his bike trailer, along with anything they pick up while they are out.
Sara cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner.... every day! They very rarely eat out.
And, Sara doesn't have a TV. Not only does she not have cable, they don't even own a television. They do, however, have a projector to watch movies.

Can you say WOW? I am truly impressed!

Tots N Tales

Booker and Bodey started "school" last Tuesday at Tots N Tales Montessori School. I am very excited at the many things they will do and learn. We are, however, having a little bit of a rough time adjusting. Booker's whole world has been turned upside down. No longer will he just be in his comfort zone of sippy cups, TV and toys. The first day Booker didn't eat... anything. Bodey didn't nap. Mom couldn't wait to go pick them up. The next few days were a little of the same, and then since Friday, it has been really hard. Booker repeats the entire way to school "I don't want to go to school." Then, as soon as we pull into the parking lot he starts crying. We are supposed to go straight to the lunchroom for breakfast. That is Bodey's cup of tea so he has no problems at all. But Booker refuses to eat. And, he is "that kid." The one screaming and crying and kicking. I shamefully hand him over to his teacher and say sorry. It is only a few minutes after I leave that he is absolutely fine, but it is still really hard. When I pick them up at night I always sneak in to watch Booker before he sees me and he is ALWAYS smiling and having a great time. So I know deep down that it is ok.

Before school...

After school...