Friday, July 25, 2008


I can't even begin to tell you how important I think it is to have grandparents in a child's life. And, it is even more special when your child forms a strong bond with them. Ever since Booker was about 5 months old he has had a special bond to Papa Morgen. When he was crying or just too hyped up to let anyone hold him, Papa would put him in his arms and Booker was immediately pacified. Papa was also one of the last "easy" words Booker said. This wasn't because he couldn't say it, but for some reason he just taunted us all and stubbornly refused to say his name. It was like a secret game he played. However, once he started saying it, it has been Papa this and Papa that. Booker knows that when we eat dinner at Papa's he gets to sit on his lap and help himself to Papa's plate. And he also knows that no matter how good the dessert, he will get to eat as much as he wants, even if that means Papa doesn't get a single bite. The two of them could sit and eat an entire tub of cool whip together. Tonight they took turns taking bites of "their" piece of pizza. Wherever Papa goes, Booker follows, and if he can't he is truly upset. I love the feeling of being able to leave the kids at Papa and Nana's and they just look at Dusty and me like, "ok, you can leave now." No problems. Ever. The day Bodey was born we were all wondering how Booker would adjust. He seemed to be just fine, not jealous at all. That is until it was Papa's turn to hold Bodey. "No, my Papa!" And he started crying. It was like he was setting the precedence that he's willing to share lots of things in life, but this is crossing the line. I think back to my relationship with my grandparents and I loved and respected them so much that before I did something I honestly thought in the back of my head, "What would grandma and grandpa think? I don't want to let them down." I hope that is the kind of relationship that continues through my kids.

Cowboys at Heart

I am originally from the Cowboy State, so I just couldn't help myself when I saw these pearl snap western shirts at Gymboree. We took the boys to a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation banquet all decked out. So, I might be a little biased, but they are just so darn good lookin'!
I was a little nervous about how they boys would behave, since these things normally don't get over until around 10 o'clock. To my suprise, they were both on their best behavior... even abnormally loving behavior. Booker kept giving Bodey hugs, and Bodey was actually returning them. Well, this was the only picture that Bodey wasn't pushing him off!

Happy Fishies

Wednesday evening Rachel and I took the kids to the new Tonganoxie pool. I absolutely loved it! On a weeknight it wasn't super crowded and it was actually, dare I say, relaxing! I didn't have to constantly stress and worry about the boys. There was a zero depth entry kids pool which is only a foot deep at it's deepest. And, right across from that was a little splash area. Booker just went back and forth with his floaties on and I didn't have to worry. I just put Bodey in his little innertube in the kids pool and since he could reach the bottom, he just walked around smiling and splashing. I was really proud of Booker. We went to the deep end and he was so brave. All he had was his floaties on, and he just relaxed and floated around. When I tried to hold on to him he would say "myself." He didn't want my help. Also, he loved jumping off the edge. First, it was into my arms, but then he was jumping in all by himself. He would go all the way under the water and then I would pull him up. I'm glad they are both comfortable in the water. Dusty and I were both swimmers and we feel it is really important to get our kids used to the water at a young age. I was kind of scared to tell Dusty that it cost $10 for the 3 of us to go swimming for an hour, but he actually said, "Well, if you do it twice a week that's only $20, and it's worth it to get them in the water." So, Tongie, we might be heading your direction a little more than planned!

Deanna Rose Farmstead

Last weekend we visited Deanna Rose on a daycare fieldtrip. Let me just tell you what a wonderful place this is to take your kids. The admission is free and then you have to pay to buy fish/goat/duck food and to do any of the extra activities such as fishing, riding ponies, hayrides, etc. There is also so much for them to do that doesn't require forking out any cash at all. Booker loved feeding the "babies." At first he didn't know what to do when they all attacked his bottle. He was trying to get it away from them until I told him that they were hungry and his job was to feed them.
Aunt Rachie took Bodey to enjoy a little peaceful swinging. He loved it! He was laughing so hard, it was too fun to watch! Can you see his hair flowing in the wind? Look closer...

Every rose has it's thorn, but these flowers were too beautiful for words.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guiltily Innocent

It all started last weekend when I was reaching down to grab a toy by Booker's foot. I smelled dog poop so I asked Booker if he stepped in dog poop. "Yeah." So I picked him up and started examining the bottoms of his shoes. Nothing there. I moved my nose up his leg and bam! The diaper area... "Booker, you pooped your pants. You didn't step in dog poop!" "No, I step in dog poop." So, now when I ask Booker if he pooped his pants he says, "No, I step in dog poop." The way he says it cracks me up. And now, poop is his new obsession.

Mommy Nurse 101

So, I found out tonight that I don't have any nursing skills. I do have my nurse neighbor, Cori, though. Tonight Booker was at the table eating some Cheez-it Gripz when I heard him start screaming. I immediately thought - he stuck one up his nose. I don't know why I thought that because Booker has never stuck anything up his nose before. He came in to the livingroom screaming and pointing at his nose. When I asked if he stuck one up his nose, he said yes. He was crying really hard, so I knew it must hurt pretty badly. I looked up his nose and way back there I could see a little Cheez-it. What do I do? I had no clue. So, I called up Cori and she came down with some nursing tools (tweezers and extra long cue-tips). By the time she got to our house, Booker had stopped screaming and I could no longer see it in his nose. I guess he sniffed it all the way up and swallowed it! Thank goodness Cori and I didn't have to get down and dirty. But, thank you Cori for rushing down to save the day!

Monday, July 14, 2008

More Stats

I better jot this down before I forget.

Booker 7/14/08: 28 pounds, 6 ounces

Bodey 7/14/08: 24 pounds, 2 ounces & 31 inches tall

I just realized that Bodey grew 2 inches and gained 1 1/2 pounds in the last 6 weeks! We keep warning Booker that he'd better watch it; it won't be long and Bodey will be able to take him!

"Hand, Foot, and Mouth" & Just "Mouth"

We like to keep our doctors in business. Friday Bodey had a 101.6 fever and Saturday he started to get a rash. My neighbor, Aron, mentioned hand, foot, and mouth because it did start mainly on his hands and feet. Booker had a 101.8 fever Sunday, but no rash. They both got to go visit Dr. Jay today (which I just love taking both kids to the dr. at the same time by myself... ha ha) and he determined that they both have Coxsackievirus, or as we know it, hand, foot & mouth. Booker only has the ulcers in his throat, but Bodey has the rash all over, including inside his mouth, and blisters on his hands and feet. They are both acting just fine today and should be able to go back to daycare Wednesday. Poor babies... darn the luck!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Coming to a store near you...

Who knew Home Depot could be so much fun? The Feezell family frequents Home Depot quite often, but I guess we have been going to the wrong ones. The one we went to tonight was super cool in the eyes of Booker and Bodey. Through the truck window, Booker spotted it in the parking lot. "My Duece!" For those of you that don't speak Booker, duece means car. How can I say no? Whoever thought of putting steering wheels in shopping carts is brilliant. The people at Nebraska Furniture Mart rank right up there with Home Depot. The double shopping cart at Walmart and Target just isn't nearly as fun. There's something about the power a child feels when they actually think that they are controlling the speed and direction of our shopping. And it makes it so much easier to get in and out of the store without a fit... that is until the ride is over and they have to get back into their boring old carseats.

Upside Down World

Bodey prefers to hang out... upside down! He loves to be upside down and when you are holding him will all of a sudden throw himself back so he can enjoy life from the view of a possum. I think this is ok, except the story my neighbor, Cori, told me makes me wonder. She said her brother was the exact same way; he even watched TV upside down. He was also dyslexic, and his mom swore it was because of his need to view things opposite of the rest of us. I guess only time will tell. :)

Ok, You Can Swim

Thursday night the neighbor kids came over to play in the sandbox. Not 5 minutes later, Independent #1 and Independent #2 were in the kiddie pool, fully clothed. Ava and Booker decided they were going to swim instead of play in the sand. Once they are drenched, what's the point in stopping them? So, all the kids were in their clothes, in the pool. Well, for the most part they were in their clothes... Aidan and Kade took off their shirts, because "boys can take off their shirts." And, Booker's pull up was so full of water it was about to explode, so he ended up commando.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Ok, so my neighbor has inspired me to a past and present 4th of July posting. Although, I am very disturbed at the very few pictures I took this year. Oh well. Anyways, here is what existed of the neighborhood kids 2 years ago. This was on our way over to the Basehor festivities. Every year we partake in the Basehor 4th of July parade, and sometimes the dinner, cake walk, moonwalk, band, etc. Then we all usually sit on Aron and Rachel's back deck and watch the highschool's display. In this picture Kade is 15 months old, Booker is 3 months old, Ava is 13 months old, Aidan is 2 1/2 years old, and Reese is 11 months old. Bodey, Addison and Cooper weren't even a thought in our minds... :)

This year mom was too cheap and lazy to buy 4th of July outfits so we just wore the only red, white and blue things in our closet. We're still cute though.

Here is Booker, Reese and Ava taking in the 4th. They all had different thoughts about the firecrackers. Reese was scared to death at first and then slightly warmed up to them. Booker thought they were pretty neat, especially if someone else cheered. Ava was absolutely fearless, until her big brother started to "protect" her from the fireworks. Then she acted like she was afraid of them and needed Aidan to cover her eyes. Kids...

Big, Bold and... BALD!

How can you not smile when you look at this picture? Aren't they just the cutest little guys around? Cori and I often comment about how much our boys look alike. Although, it could just be their "fluff" and lack of hair. :)
Bodey, 10 months & Cooper, 5 months

Sunday, July 6, 2008

You know you are a good driver when...

Your two year old is in the back seat saying, "WEEEEEEEE!"

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Different Definitions of "Big Boy"

The meaning of Big Boy when it comes to Booker: being a big boy for going potty in the toilet, getting to go potty on the big boy potty, getting a big boy sticker or sucker, getting to wear big boy underwear. (In this picture he's thinking, "yeah, I'm pretty much a badass.")
The meaning of Big Boy when it comes to Bodey: fluffy, rolly, cute cellulite, thick, chubby. Bodey, please don't blame me later in life for all your problems stemming back to when mommy called you fat. You are not fat, you are the cutest thing in the entire world and I love to squeeze all of you!