Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Class Clown

Deep down inside, I know where this is coming from.

Booker's teacher had to call me a couple of weeks ago because he and a group of other children are unstoppable. No, they aren't a gang, bullying kids, teasing, or promoting any type of violence. They simply just think they are hilarious. And they won't stop messing around. They get in trouble in the lunchroom, in class, at recess, in PE... basically all the time. The day his teacher had to call me, I was crushed. But we did some minor grounding and thought he learned his lesson. Until today.

Booker's first words when he got in the car were, "I had to flip my card to red," followed by tears. Why? Because he wasn't listening and he was being FUNNY. Ugh. We grounded him from playing outside until after dinner, and then since he was honest with us, we said he could play outside after dinner. BUT THEN... it went downhill. Fast. He was upset with me, and he slammed his door. Then I heard the worst, most piercing words I have ever heard. A chant. "God sucks, God sucks, God sucks." My heart just sank. This is the same boy that a few days ago was worried about sticking up for himself because he didn't think God would approve. I could not believe the words coming out of his mouth. I stormed in there questioning him on what he just said. He was bawling and saying if he told me he knew I would ground him, and he knew I would be disappointed. Um yeah. I was. And yeah. You're grounded. I explained to him that was probably one of the very worst things a person could say, and that it hurt my feelings and God's feelings. And in our house we don't say things like that, we honor God. And I will never hear him say that again.

Sheesh. Anyways, back to the class clown. I've heard that Dusty was a bit of a class clown, but I'm going to let him take ownership of the more severe behavioral traits that were passed on to our lovely children. This one is probably all mine. My report cards were always straight A's... with a side of disruptive behavior. AKA, class clown. A giggler. Social butterfly. So, moral of the story, there are so many worse things that Booker could be doing at school to get into trouble, that in the grand scheme of things I'm relieved. However, for us, right now, this is serious business and we need to get it under control so we don't get anymore emails from the teacher like this one...

Booker has been making poor choices since he has been back from spring break. He again is wanting people to laugh at him after being asked to settle down. Today, he went by the dumpster outside the playground at recess with another student, and he knew he wasn't supposed to go there.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.
BES Kindergarten

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Booker!

Well, Booker, I still can't believe you are 6 years old. I begged you to stay 5 forever, but you wouldn't agree. But, you did agree you would be my baby forever if I let you turn 6. So I did, and this morning you woke up a big SIX YEAR OLD. And you were smiling ear to ear. We had plans to go swimming with some friends and then have lunch with Nash at Fritz's, and then dinner with the fam at Powerplay. The only bump in the road is that your brother woke up vomiting with diarrhea. I didn't have the heart to tell you we couldn't do any of your birthday plans because we needed to stay home. Grandma Jenean to the rescue! She was sweet enough to come over and stay with sick Bodey so we could go enjoy the day. Thank you Grandma!!

You are such an awesome little 6 year old boy. I love you as my son, I adore watching you be a big brother, and it is amazing to watch you turn into a young man. You have such a great personality. You are the class clown (and getting in trouble at school for it). You have the biggest smile and an awesome laugh! Every night since you were born I have checked on you when you are fast asleep. I didn't see you grow. I didn't even realize how big you've gotten. But these pictures help me remember. Booker, I love you and hope you had the best birthday ever!

4 days old

1 yr

2 yrs

3 yrs

4 yrs

5 yrs

Happy 6th Birthday!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I know the kids are cute, but look at the wall. My kitchen makeover is slowly coming along.



After I finish changing the rest of the trim in the house to white, and paint the exterior of our house, we are going to start our kitchen cabinet transformation. I can't wait for that part!!!