Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hard Stuff

Today I went to my first funeral since I was in 8th grade. And honestly, it's something that scared me and has been a true fear of mine. I've never even been to a visitation. I didn't know how to act and I had butterflies in my stomach. But I wanted to be there for my dear friend. And I also know that funerals are just a part of life so I couldn't avoid them anymore. And you know what?  It was a beautiful experience!  Sad, yes. But you could sense God there the whole time, giving everyone a sense of peace. I'm so glad I went and know not to fear anymore. 

However, death isn't a subject the Feezell's have had to deal with a whole lot. I'm realizing how blessed we really are as I'm typing this. But, naturally, Bodey has a lot of questions. One thing he said is that when I get old and die he will spend half of each day visiting me at the cemetery. His heart is so big!  Then later he was asking about caskets and burying and I mentioned I think I want to be cremated. After I explained what that was he was disgusted and confused. Then after quite a bit of silence he said, "Well, I don't want to sit by a bunch of coals for half of every day!"  It just made me laugh. 

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